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Can Chickens Eat Mushrooms? – 3 BEST to Feed

Brown chicken standing in the grass

Chickens are known for having a varied diet consisting of tons of fruits, vegetables, and even meat; but can chickens eat mushrooms? Yes! Chickens can eat mushrooms including Oyster mushrooms and Shiitake mushrooms. However, some wild mushrooms are poisonous to chickens, so it’s best to avoid those entirely. In this blog post, we’ll answer your […]

Can Chickens Eat ONIONS (Is it a Good Idea?)

Five different breed chickens in a line

Can chickens eat onions? Yes, chickens can eat onions in small amounts. However, onions can give eggs an off taste, so keep this in mind before feeding them to your flock. In this blog post, we will discuss the benefits of feeding your chickens onions and how much onion you can give them without causing […]