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Do Ducks Mate for Life? – Duck Mating FACTS

two ducks in the water together

Waterfowl, like many other animals, create pair bonds with those of the opposite sex so that they can have offspring, but do ducks mate for life? The mating habits of waterfowl are extremely diverse. While some animals remain mated for life, others spend considerable time and energy each year building new pair connections. Let’s dive […]

What Are Baby Ducks Called – CHICKS?

Baby ducks in a group in a tin container

You probably already know that baby chickens are called “chicks”, but what are baby ducks called? Are baby ducks called chicks, too? Baby ducks are referred to as ducklings, which sounds just as cute as they are – but that’s not all they’re called. We’ll explore the different names of baby ducks and all about […]