How to Stretch a Cowboy Hat?

How to Stretch a Cowboy Hat

You can stretch and resize a cowboy hat if it is quite small. Nevertheless, you should learn how to stretch a cowboy hat precisely. Patience and practice probably help you shape the hat with ease.

How to Stretch a Cowboy Hat

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Materials you will need

  • Water
  • A spray bottle
  • A hat stretcher
  • Newspapers (optional)
  • Paper bags or plastic bags (optional)
  • Hatband liners or hatband reducing tape (optional)

Use a hat stretcher to Stretch Cowboy hat

hat stretcher

There are three steps to resize the hat with a stretcher.

Step 1: Make the cowboy hat wet

To make the hat wet, you can spray water lightly around.

Step 2: Dry the hat

Put the hat on a stretcher to dry it or you could use a full-head stretcher. Choosing a sweatband is not a bad idea because it does not cost you a lot.

The Hallett Drop-in hat stretcher and the HAT JACK are two recognizable brands to select an outstanding band.

Step 3: Check the hat

After widening the hat, you need to try it on to ensure that it fits you or not. If you feel snug, you can wear the hat regularly. If you do not have good fit, you should repeat the first two steps.

Use kettle

Follow six simple steps to resize your hat by taking a kettle.

Step 1: Arrange an area to put a kettle

Find an area of your kitchen or your yard with plentiful lighting for adjusting your hat. Make sure that kids and animals are not allowed to go around this area, especially the stovetop and counters.

When determining the area for stretching of the hat, you should clean it before starting.

Step 2: Fill the tea to the kettle and burn

Fill the tea to the kettle until you see the water catches the top. Then, you put the kettle on the stovetop and it burns in a strong fire.

Step 3: Remove particles in the hat

Diminish the dirty particles and debris covering the hat while waiting for the water boiled. Along with dirty particles, belts, ribbons, cords, lint, hair, and any accessories in the hat should be eliminated.

Step 4: Place the hat around the kettle

Once you hear a whistling sound, open the steam spout and put the hat on two sides of the kettle. Keep the hat in place until the whole hat is saturated.

Stay the hat above the hot liquid when you pull all edges and stretch the hat from the center. You ought to eliminate the heat from the steam column, increasing the headspace, and circulate the felt material. Adjust your hat until it can reach your head size and your desired shape.

Step 5: Shape the hat brim and remove the kettle

When stretching the hat, you should reshape the hat brim as needed by wetting and heating with the hot liquid.

Pay attention to all portions of the brim to get a suitable shape. After that, stop burning the kettle from the stovetop and make your hat cool. Do not use a dryer to keep the hat dry as your hat will have an unpleasant shape.

Final Words

Some cowboy hats do not have good shape or lose your fit as they are wet. Some hats strongly expanded. Therefore, you need to resize the hat to get a right fit. Now, you have known how to stretch a cowboy hat in two simple ways.

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