Can Pigs Eat Dog Food?

Pork is one of the most favorite types of meat for all. To have healthy and quality meat, pigs should be treated well and taken good care. That’s why it’s important to know about the pig diet. Do pigs eat everything given? Can pigs eat dog food or cat food? Or, are there some types of food that should be avoided to give them?

can pigs eat dog food

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A normal pig diet

Pigs are known to be omnivores, which means they feed on either vegetables or animal protein. It is assumed by everyone that pigs always eat leftovers, however, the truth is that waste food for pigs is considered junk food. Therefore, it cannot be served as proper food.

Like any other animal, pigs need various sorts of nutrients at each stage of their lives. Piglets are interested in their mother’s milk in their first week after birth. Then, they start to eat solid food little by little.

Farmers, therefore, can prepare different mixtures to feed the pig diet. Normally, an ideal bulk is inclusive of corn for energy and soybeans for protein. Other grains that can be fed are wheat and sorghum.

Can pigs eat dog food?

The question “Can pigs have dog food?” can be found on numerous sites. A lot of people admitted that dog food is fed to their pigs daily, and those can all survive over the years. Nevertheless, like humans, the result doesn’t come immediately, it takes time.

It is proved that dog food is very rich in sodium, which can lead to the status of water deprivation. Simply, people think that they can use dog food combined with water, however, pigs might drink excessive amounts and that will eventually result in brain damage.

Researchers recommend that dog food is meant to be for dogs, and to keep them healthy. Hence, pigs should be fed the nutrients that are required for their development instead of dog food.

What about mini pigs or pet pigs?

mini pig

When we talk about mini pigs or pet pigs, we think about a strict and balanced diet that can enable pigs to stay stable and healthy, and also maintain their weight. Mini pigs are usually fond of food rich in fiber and protein.

The diet of a mini pig comprises grains and leafy greens. Some owners decide to prepare the food for pets on their own because of their love, but this takes a lot of time to acquire the knowledge, to understand, and to give proper amounts of daily nutrients.

Thus, owners can opt for pig chow, from famous brands, that are nutritionally balanced and specially formulated for different stages of a pig life, from a starter to a fully-grown pig.

Importantly, fresh and clean water is a necessary part of daily meals.

Because of all the above reasons, dog food is not recommended for pet pigs as it consists of a high level of calories, sugar, or sodium.

What else should not be given?

All foods rich in carbohydrates, sugar, or sodium should be avoided.

Some specific snacks that are not proper for pigs are chocolate, milk products, or canned foods. Also, some foods potentially toxic to pigs are breakfast cereals, un-pitted stone fruits (like peaches with pits that can get stuck in intestines), or unshelled nuts (that can cause some damage to pigs’ mouths).

So, what snacks to give pigs?

If you have the habit of rewarding your pigs with dog food, you should stop it now because of its potential risk. Instead, there are many better choices of treats that you can offer to your pigs.

Some popular snacks that can be named are Cheerios, shredded wheat, or little pieces of cheese.

By the way, below are the top 3 choices for pigs’ snacks:

  • Healthy grains: can be from organic crackers, bread, and cereals without salt or sugar.
  • Fresh vegetables: are needed every day. Highly suggested veggies are dark greens like kale or spinach that includes a high level of vitamins, bean sprouts, carrots, cucumbers, or pumpkin.
  • Fruits: are to add more sugar to pigs’ daily menus. To avoid excessive sugar feeding, one or two small portions are recommended per day.

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All in all, all animals should be in good and proper care as they are not only friends of farmers for various purposes, but also a source of food. Pigs are not the exception. They know their feelings, they have appetites, and they should be fed what is good for them. You take care of their health, meaning you take care of yourself. “Can pigs eat dog food?”, asked somebody. We all know the answer.

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