Can Goats Eat Pumpkin?

can goats eat pumpkin

As you reach this article, the chances are you are wondering “can goats eat pumpkin?”.

Well, goats love pumpkin as they love tomatoes, oranges, and other fruits or plants. Besides the great nutrition, pumpkins are a natural dewormer solution for livestock. But for the cooked pumpkins, it’s another story.

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Can goats eat pumpkin?

Pumpkins are safe for goats and other livestock to eat. 

Pumpkins have a high amount of fibers, plus Vitamin A, B, and E. It is no doubt that Vitamin A helps strengthen goats’ immune system as well as prevent and cure dry eyes in goats.

Most of the pumpkin content is water, but it still provides enough protein source for goat development.

Do goats love pumpkin?

Goats love pumpkin just like their ideal food. Give your goat a pumpkin, he will finish it whole and even want more.

Your goats can consume all of the leftover pumpkins in your yard or field even though the pumpkins are thawed and frozen.

For the Halloween pumpkins, keep in mind that only let your goats eat the uncarved and unpainted ones for their safety.

goats love pumpkin

What is more, only feed your goats with fresh and clean pumpkins – the ones with no herbicides and pesticides remaining, to ensure they are not affected by the chemicals.

To prevent choking for young goats, cut the pumpkin into small pieces before feeding them.

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Can goats eat rotten pumpkin?

Any rotten pumpkin is harmful to eat. If the pumpkin is rotten or moldy, you should discard it and not give it to your goats.

But, the good news is, goats are picky eaters. They know what food is good for their stomach.

So, if you do not have time to select the fresh pumpkins, just leave them all. Your goats will only pick the good ones, and avoid consuming those with mold.

Can goats eat pumpkin pulp and seeds?

Pumpkin pulp and seeds are non-toxic, and, inheritably, eatable for goats.

The seeds contain a substance called cucurbitacin which is known as a natural dewormer that can paralyze worms especially tapeworms. Therefore, if you want to deworm your goats, you can add pumpkin seeds to their daily feeds.

However, most of the plant seeds have herbivore-deterrent substances to defense plant-eater animals. So, you should not feed your goats a large number of pumpkin seeds, otherwise, they might refuse to eat because of the bitter taste.

Although pumpkin seeds can help prevent worm infestation in goats, you should not solely depend on this dewormer. This is because this deworming method just has effects on some types of worms, not all of them.

If you are not sure what kinds of worms your goats have, you should collect a fecal sample, then have your veterinarian detect the worms.

For goats, Ivomec plus is a commercial dewormer that many farmers use, so search for it if you want more detailed information.

What about the pumpkin leaves and vines?

goats eat pumpkin vines

Pumpkin leaves and vines are also eatable for goats. They are food browsers who love browsing everywhere in your garden.

After harvesting the pumpkins, do not throw the plants. Those food are rich in fiber, making it ideal especially when food sources are limited.

However, remember to rinse it thoroughly to get rid of any remaining chemical residues or pesticides.

Can goats eat pumpkin puree?

Pumpkin puree is a nutritious food for goats. I have made it for my goats and they really enjoy it.

Making it is as easy as pie. You first combine one cup of pumpkin powder and water to make a pumpkin puree. Next, pour the puree into molds just halfway and freeze.

After the pumpkin puree is completely frozen, take it out and add a cup of raw goat’s milk to it and then freeze. Now, the pumpkin treat is ready for goats to enjoy!

Cooked and canned pumpkin?

It is safe for goats to feed on the cooked pumpkin that brings them valuable nutrients. After being cooked, the pumpkin’s flesh and skin become softer, which allows goats to chew the pumpkin easier.

When cooking, it is better NOT to add any seasonings to the pumpkin. The natural taste of pumpkin is already delicious to goats.

That said, if you still want a seasoned pumpkin recipe, refer to reliable information sources to check whether the seasonings you intend to use are safe for goats or not.

While the unseasoned cooked pumpkin is healthy for your goats, canned pumpkin or pumpkin pie mixes are not a good choice. As a canned food product usually comes with sugar and spices, using it might affect your goats’ health in the long term.

Don’t throw your leftover Halloween pumpkin!

Goats can eat all parts of raw pumpkins from the skin to seeds, so just allow your goats to enjoy their favorite food as much as possible.

Pumpkin puree or cooked pumpkin without seasonings is also a healthy food option for your goats. Meanwhile, canned pumpkin is not encouraged as a goat feed since it contains high levels of sugar and spices.

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