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Savanna Goats: A-Z Animal Information

savanna goats

Are you looking for a goat breed that can produce quality nutritious meat? Look no further because Savanna goats may be the ones for you. If you still have doubts about our recommendation, read our article below to know detailed information about the Savanna meat goats. What are Savanna goats? The Savanna goats are a […]

Dehorning Goats: All You Need To Know!

dehorning goats

The questions of dehorning goats or not and how to successfully dehorn goats are of great concern for farmers. Horns used to be important for goats in the wild. However, it no longer holds true with their farm life. In fact, dehorning can prevent goats from being injured or dead. Our article below will provide […]

Can Goats Eat Pumpkin?

can goats eat pumpkin

As you reach this article, the chances are you are wondering “can goats eat pumpkin?”. Well, goats love pumpkin as they love tomatoes, oranges, and other fruits or plants. Besides the great nutrition, pumpkins are a natural dewormer solution for livestock. But for the cooked pumpkins, it’s another story. Can goats eat pumpkin? Pumpkins are […]

Can Goats Eat Tomatoes?

can goat eat tomatoes

Everyone knows that tomatoes are an extremely nutritious fruit for human health and we process them every day into many different dishes. So, what about the goats? Can goats eat tomatoes? Keep reading until the end to find out the answer. Can goats eat tomatoes? Yes. Ripe tomatoes are very healthy for goats when they […]

Ivomec Plus Dosage for Goats: Read This Before Use!

ivomec plus dosage for goats

Goats are susceptible to several types of internal parasitism including roundworms or coccidia. One of the solutions for this problem is Ivomec Plus. However, not all farmers are informed about this medication. Our article will provide detailed information regarding the Ivomec Plus dosage for goats as well as additional useful facts. What is Ivermectin? Ivermectin […]

Can Goats Eat Oranges?

can goat eat oranges

Oranges are easy to find, rich in vitamin C and other essential minerals. Humans should definitely include oranges in their healthy diet, but how about goats? Can goats eat oranges?  For those of you who are keeping goats and are wondering if oranges are as healthy to us as to them, this post is for […]