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Dehorning Goats: All You Need To Know!

dehorning goats

The questions of dehorning goats or not and how to successfully dehorn goats are of great concern for farmers. Horns used to be important for goats in the wild. However, it no longer holds true with their farm life. In fact, dehorning can prevent goats from being injured or dead. Our article below will provide […]

Can Goats Eat Pumpkin?

can goats eat pumpkin

As you reach this article, the chances are you are wondering “can goats eat pumpkin?”. Well, goats love pumpkin as they love tomatoes, oranges, and other fruits or plants. Besides the great nutrition, pumpkins are a natural dewormer solution for livestock. But for the cooked pumpkins, it’s another story. Can goats eat pumpkin? Pumpkins are […]

Do Female Cows Have Horns?

do female cow have horns

Horns in male cattle are weapons to fight against other animals and protect the herd. What about the female? Do female cows have horns?  Since we usually see them appear with no horn, are they born hornless, or the horns already removed? We will be answering these concerns of yours in this post. Do female […]