Can Pigs Eat Chocolate?

Pigs are a popular choice of cattle for farms and families. Sometimes, you may wish to feed your pigs anything. You would like to give your pigs a bite of something new for tasting because you love them. “Can pigs eat chocolate?”, you ever wondered. Let’s find out the details. Why is there an interest […]

Top 7 Best Livestock Scales Reviews (2020 Updated)

best livestock scale reviews

To all farmers, the best livestock scale is truly a companion in raising the animals. Indeed, regular livestock weighing can reveal whether they are underfed or overfed, from which adjustments to their diet can be done in a timely manner. Moreover, with the weight data collected, farmers can keep track of their animals’ growth, identify […]

How Long Do Goats Live?

For a farmer or an owner that would like to invest in a farm, goats are one of the popular cattle chosen because of their adorable outlook as well as what they can bring about. Known as a land cleaner, goats are also the entertainer to a lot of farmers. If given proper care, farmers […]

How High Can Rabbits Jump?

It is common for everybody to think that rabbits are adorable and cute. Families or especially little girls would really love to have a rabbit at their home. When somebody thinks of a rabbit, the first image in their mind may be the continuous jump of this animal. So, do you ever wonder “how high […]

How Much Does A Cow Cost?

In all over the world, cows are popular cattle that are chosen by many farmers for various purposes. They are not only friendly but productive as well. Cows are highly beneficial if raised correctly. But, how much does a cow cost? And what do you have to prepare for a cow farm? What to consider […]