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Some thoughts about life and death from the Farmer's Wife
This has been a busy week on the farm.  Did you know when you are a Farmer that you must be the jack of all trades .... veterinary work, accounting, customer service, marketing, merchandising, production of value added products, and a FARMER too!

Well this week was a week of beautiful weather but it was also a sad week in the veterinary realm as we lost one of our draft mares while administering medication to her this week. Laura, our mare, was one of two of our main farming horses.  I guess I have yet to mention that we often farm with horses and teach other to do so too.

Laura was born on our smaller 40 acre family farm in 2006 to a registered Percheron mare named Lisa, who we bought in Holmes County, OH on one of trips to see our Amish friends.  She was a lovely foal, she is the foal in the photo with her Mother, Lisa.

This was the first draft horse that we raised and trained to drive completely on our own.  I still remember her being 3 years old and Farmer Ben and I having the discussion that "you have to teach her to drive sometime - you can't keep avoiding it!".  You know, it is kind of nerve wracking to hitch one for the first time.  You don't know if they will take to driving like a fish out of water or if they will explode like a bomb and run for dear life.  She drove right away, it was not exactly like a pro the first time but not a rodeo either :)>.  Being hitch to Momma helped.

Laura had a beautiful half Andalusian filly in the Spring of 2015, our daughter named her Sonatina and she has been returned to her half owners, Walter and Judy Henslee at Rancho Del Lago, in McDade, TX to be up up for sale.

Sonatina was weaned on Oct 12, 2016 and Laura begin to loose weight.  I thought she was just missing her baby - you know how we Momma's are.  But then it kept on, and I thought maybe she needed to be wormed again, that helped.  But she was still depressed and lacking luster so we took her to the vet to discover she had a rare heart infection (this begins with some little unnoticable cut and the infections makes its way to the heart and takes up residence there).  Well a long sad story short, she had a heart attack and died this week.  Sometimes being the resident vet is no fun!

However, we were very blessed by a good friend that reminded us that birth and death are the most spiritual moments a person may have the priviledge in which to be present and that we should thank God for allowing us to be with Laura at her passing. thank you Good Friend, we needed to hear these words of truth and receive them.

So, Thank You God for the gift of Laura for 9 years of love and service on our farm.

On the farm life and death are part of our daily lives, we are not as insulated here as we were when we lived in the city.  The more lives in which God gives us charge, the more likely we are to witness both the glories of birth and the saddness of death - until we stop to remember that death is the completetion of a job well done here on Earth.  It puts the eternal glory to the forefront b/c we are being called home to be with Jesus, our personal Lord and Savior as our job is finished.  To Him may the glory be given!
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