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Piglet in the House
What is being a Farmer's Wife .... well, there is a piglet in our house right now if that gives you an idea of our days with 8+ inches of rain and brand new piglets on the farm.  There were 8 piglets from 2 Momma's, now there is just one and a pack of sad children that want to "save" the last piglet by bringing it inside.  They named it Crispy, it's a boy, and it is sleeping in a cat bed in the wood cubby under the wood burning stove.  At 12 a.m., yes the middle of the night 12 a.m., the piglet was running around our living room and snorkeling or whatever that cute noise that piglets make is called.  I promptly rolled out of bed, like any other Mother that hears a small creature in distress, scooped him up and deposited him in the arms of our sleeping 12 year old daughter and said "your piglet needs to go out and go to the bathroom then be fed" and I headed back to my own warm bed :)>.  Yes, really.  Long ago I said "Every child needs a pony, a puppy and a kitten.", I think these things are good for children.  Then I followed it up with "CHECK, done, off the list.  No more puppies or kittens, ponies are ok.".  Now, there is a piglet in our house, I mentioned that right?!  A piglet!  Have you ever seen a piglet? They look like miniature elephants, they are SOOOOO cute you can't imagine.  And so sad when they are wet and cold, you just want to scoop them up and cuddle them - of course if they scream you run the risk of their Mother's biting your leg off.  Been there done that, I mean, made a Momma pig mad enough to attack by loading up her piglets for sale.  If you ever want to laugh so hard that you might fall down, see how fast 4 grownups can get through the windows of a suburban with 3 Large Black Momma hogs trying to stop them from taking their piglets - YIKES!  Who needs the gym for cardio!!!  Anyhow, I have now been informed that the piglet has to go to town, in the minivan, with me today, because I am the driver of choice to take the girls to their lessons in town.  The Farmer says he has to work, so he can't care for the piglet, and the children are just sure it is too cold and wet to give the piglet back to it's Mother.  Weatherman, Weatherman will it rain?  If not, back to the pig the piglet goes.  If so, I guess the piglet will be going to town.
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2/12/2017 6:14:17 AM
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Ho ho, who woudla thunk it, right?
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