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TED, $895 without harness (harness for sale wiht collar, and singe lines for $500)

Pony, DOB 1-10-10, black gelding, 3 white socks, 
35” tall, grade miniature pony, trained to ride and drive, traffic safe, kids pony, has spunk, this little fellow rules the pasture.  Our 7 year old has ridden him bareback to bring in the dairy cattle, and he worked right along side the big horses and did a great job.  He is not for a tiny child that is a first time owner but for the slightly more experienced child that is ready for a fun partner to get out there and ride with the big kids.


ESTHER SBH $5,900, price includes harness and collar, Registered Haflinger Mare, #: 21282-03. DOB 4-12-03.  Full sister to Belle. According to her previous owners this mare is bomb proof, trained to drive single, double, and to ride, has worked all farm machinery, also trained to work in harness with the lawn mower, 62” tall, never been bred, traffic safe, DNA tested. Esther had a cancer growth at the sides of her eyes; TAMU Opthamolgy department removed them Oct. 2017, and she is fully recovered. 

, price includes harness and collar, walking work only.  Belle will always be off on her hocks due to an unknown injury. Registered Haflinger mare, #23855-04. DOB 3/28/04.  Full sister to Esther.  Traffic safe, trained to drive single, double, nice to ride, has worked most farm machinery, never been bred to our knowledge but is a beautiful Haflinger specimen and it might be a good use for her, especially to Dardanous of Ranch Del Lago.

ARINA WULF (A CN 31166), $1,500, harness and collar can be purchased separately for $600. Arina is hitched on the left (looking from the drivers perspective - the lighter colored mare)

Imported Registered Halflinger mare, #16323-00. DOB 1-25-2000, chestnut, 59” tall, nice big imported mare, trained to ride and drive single & double, easy with the children, DNA tested. Proven breeder. Has SCC but at 17 years old and her eyesight being fine, a $1,500 surgery might or might not be worth it. ID#: 00-201-7fe1, T/H brand.

Sire to Arina and grandsire to Joe Blaze is Alpenstein:

2000 Registered TB dressage schoolmaster, $3500 "Echo"

Youtube of Echo, 

Click the "all" button to see many video's of both Echo.

Echo is solid in all 2nd level dressage moves and working well at some 3rd level moves. This fellow is hard to beat as a Jr. competitors mount, as long as your rider is quiet with their hands, he stays on the bit and is like working with a well oiled machine.  He does not like a hard handed rider.  Our daughter was a bit hard handed when she purchased him, and she purchased him to learn, not to teach. Wth a quiet encouraging instructor, she learned to have quiet hands an Echo, and he instantaneously went to work giving her 200%.  He is not picky about the leg ques, wherever she applys them he will move this way and that to please his rider and stay with them.  As long as you have quiet hands he will work himself to death for you, giving you every move stride by stride.  Our daughter also wanted to compete in Working Equitation with him and took him to the International Working Equitation competition at Haras in 2015 and won 1st place in dressage Jr. Division with him and 2nd place Jr. Division overall.  She has now graduated to riding the stallions, so Echo is free to go and train another young rider. We have not been sorry one day in our ownership of Echo, he is worth his weight in gold as a training tool to give a young rider that next step up in finesse in their riding that takes from from a B rider to an A rider! As a side note, Echo does also jump and work all of the obstacles in Working Equitation (the Spanish and Portuguese riding sport).



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