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Beautiful Registerable half-Haflinger / half-Andalusian colt for Sale "Spirit" $3995

The dam "Roxie" was trained for beginner riders and drivers. as she has an all time quite temperament.  She was raised and trained to drive by the Amish and then sent to an Amish Natural Horsemanship trainer and told not to be returned until "Kid Safe".  We got what we asked for.  Roxie is an amazing mare and working well for her new owner. 

The sire "Saltador ORO" of Rancho Del Lago, a multi-time National Grand Champion Andalusian stallion.

Go see "Spirit" at Rancho Del Lago in McDade, TX and buy a fine colt that promises to take after both his amazing sire and dam.  Contact, Walter & Judy Henslee will show him to you at their facilty in McDade and set his price.

Below are photos of Roxie so you can get an idea of the dam.

See photos of Saltador ORO by clicking his name.

NYMIA, Beautiful 2016 Andalusian Filly, Nymia $4,500 - this filly will be triple registered in Spain and in the USA as well as eligible for revision after she turns 3 years old based on her parentage but not necessarily if ANCCE won't allow injury.  The vet says this filly might work out for light riding but may end up only for breeding; as of Jan 20, 2017 she is considered a Grade 1 for lameness on a scale of 1-5 due to an injury.  She hit her growth plate in her pasturn between 2 weeks and 2 months of age and demonstrated no lameness.  This injury makes her left fore turn in just a tad b/c she hit right on the growth plate of her pastern.  It may cause her to have a bit of arthritis when she is older.  If you watch her move carefully, you will notice a tad of hesitation as the left fore touches the ground.

Youtube of Nymia: 

Pedigree, Indiano XVIII granddaughter:

            Saltador ORO, revised of Rancho Del Lago
            Ninfa GF, revised

Nym should be eligle for revision due to both sire and dam being revised.  She has always had beautiful movement, is well conformed, and has a super special and sweet temperament like her sire and dam.

Her injury was an unfortunate loss to us as we had planned a Working Equitation future for her, however it does not change her breeding and her ability to make beautiful and tallented offspring.  She is priced at a fraction of what her price would have been without her injury.

She loves to give kisses, she bows, she is halter trained and leads, picks up all of her hooves, loads and hauls.  As you can see from the photos she was in need of a bath and although not her favorite, she tolerates bathing and gets better each time. She is standing a litte funny with her hind leg in this photo as well, see her other photos to know it is not her normal stance :)>.

You can see the slight toe in from the injury in the photo below. We are having the farrier at the vet clinic trim her hooves every 6-8 weeks as of Nov. 2016 just to be sure that the hoof on the injured leg supports the leg properly and she can grow as straight as can be accomplished. The hoof is a bit different looking than the others right now as it was not trimmed properly but I expect to see it "normalizing" after a few proper trims.  How I wish this little lady had not hurt herself or that she had been lame when she did so we would have known and we could have taken her to the orthopedist to work on that bone while the growth plate was still open.  But life sometimes throw's curve balls and Nymia won't ever be the Working Equitation horse that she was bred to be, but she can have a loving home where she can be bred for many beautiful registered offspring.  Her bloodlines are fabulous as is her temperament.

Ninfa GF, triple registered, 18 year old bred, revised Andalusian mare $9500.  Confirmed in foal, due to foal April 2017.  The 2017 foal will be her 11th foal - she is a proven breeder.  Selling as a brood mare only.  We do ride her but at some time in her life she subluxated her ankles and so some days she is a little stiff and off but she does like a ride now an then in from the pasture or around the farm.  Ninfa is sweet to the bone, gentle and easy.  You will be amazed at the temperament of this mare.

A 3 in 1 Andalusian package is available to include Ninfa GF confirmed 6 months in foal to Saltador ORO of Rancho Del Lago (as of Nov. 2016) and 2016 filly Nymia (offered above). All aninals on the ground will be triple registered. 

Price: private treaty, email for more information and photos

2000 Registered TB dressage schoolmaster, $4800 "Echo"

Youtube of Echo, 

Solid in all 2nd level moves and working well at 3rd level moves. This fellow is hard to beat as a Jr. competitors mount, as long as your rider is quiet with their hands, he stays on the bit and is like working with a well oiled machine.  He does not like a hard handed rider.  Our daughter was a bit hard handed when she purchased him, and she purchased him to learn, not to teach. Wth a quiet encouraging instructor, she learned to have quiet hands an Echo, and he instantaneously went to work giving her 200%.  He is not picky about the leg ques, wherever she applys them he will move this way and that to please his rider and stay with them.  As long as you have quiet hands he will work himself to death for you, giving you every move stride by stride.  Our daughter also wanted to compete in Working Equitation with him and took him to the International Working Equitation competition at Haras in 2015 and won 1st place in dressage Jr. Division with him and 2nd place Jr. Division overall.  She has now graduated to riding the stallions where she trains and so Echo is free to go and train another young rider. We have not been sorry one day in our ownership of Echo, he is worth his weight in gold as a training tool to give a young rider that next step up in finesse in their riding that takes from from a B rider to an A rider! As a side note, Echo does also jump and work all of the obstacles in Working Equitation (the Spanish and Portuguese riding sport).



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