Tragedy and Hype: Third International Soy Symposium

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FAQ-Dairy Questions

  • Heating raw dairy products
  • Freezing raw milk and butter
  • Spray dried milk
  • Bovine leukemia virus in milk?
  • Finding safe source of raw milk
  • Nutritional value of raw vs pasteurized milk
  • Is there growth hormone in milk
  • Skim milk and acne
  • Safety and value of raw cheese
  • Raw milk and lyme disease
  • Pasteurization of fat in cream
  • Use of raw milk in German hospitals
  • Aseptically packed rice milks
  • Milk from cows that are not fed grass
  • How much milk should you drink?
  • Is it better to drink raw milk or no milk?

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Written by Chris Masterjohn
February 13 2008 21:16

Why A2/A2 milk? These articles/book may explain:
“The Devil in th Milk” (click the link below to purchase);

– We test our personal milk cows annually for bovine leukemia (BLV), Johnes, TB and Brucellosis.

Why do we personally test and kill for BLV in our home milk cow? Check out these articles:;;–1.34703

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