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Organic Farmer Opportunity

Organic Farmer Opportunity

Ben Godfrey

Phone: [Cell] 979-220-7908 call or text

Sand Creek Farm has provided aquaponic and field vegetables, grass fed beef, pastured pork, pastured chicken, free range chicken eggs, and various other products direct to consumer and wholesale buyers for over a decade.  We have now chosen to focus on providing organic produce to the wholesale market.

Our farm is certified Organic and GAP.  We have 170 tillable acres for vegetable production or a pasture operation.

We have land, equipment and facilities to assist you in launching your business.

We can help you with the business set up from ground zero so that you may 
sell your product through us to our customers; or under your own business name at Farmer's Markets, direct to consumer, or wholesale.

We offer rental of our property & facilities for organic vegetable production and/or soy/free- gmo/free meat products only.

We want to encourage you by making our assets available through land, housing, certification support, a positive environment in which you can explore your dream to be a Farmer.

General Description: A set rental fee for housing and equipment + 20% of gross revenue.

Start Date:

End Date: Open

Application Deadline: Open

Number of opportunities: 4 spots with on farm living - more if you live off the farm, in a tent, or bring your own RV or Tiny Home.  Rental contracts and agreements will be in writing. No squatters. No drama.  Background checks and deposits required.

What is included in the arrangement:
- Variable number of acres (land MUST be managed following organic specifications set forth by our certifier and agreed to by the farm owner)
- access to 1 greenhouse for starting transplants (renters are responsible to put on and take off plastic / shade cloth seasonally, and pay for any damage and replacement costs as needed)
- use of shared packing shed with some shelving to store supplies
- use of shared walk in cooler(s), renters pay their part of the electricity
- use of farm hand tools that would be associated with field farming that we already own, buy your own specialty tools, replace with equal agreed upon brand if you damage or break farm equipment.
- bring your own or rent our tractor and equipment for tilling / cultivating
- opportunity for sales to our wholesale and retail customers
- opportunity for farm owner to help negotiate and help you set up growing contracts for produce
- you pay a share of product insurance coverage for farm insurance policy or get your own
- eat a reasonable amount of the food you produce at no cost, farmer's family will do the same
- access to an experienced mentor

Additional cost:
- Renter will pay for a portion of Organic and GAP certification but Farmer will maintain them since they are in his name
- Renter will pay electricity for walk in cooler storage, irrigation well, and cottage if chooses housing on the farm
- Renter will pay for all damage to facilities or equipment
- Renter may have the opportunity to rent delivery vehicles if necessary

Other responsibilities:
- good attitude
- responsible
- reliable
- enough money for deposit for housing and the cost of ALL inputs
- organic growing practices approved by farmer in advance of implementation

If there are other areas you would like to explore, we are willing to discuss them all with your overall plan for success.

Seasons will vary depending on product you wish to produce. i.e. vegetables, broilers, pork, lamb, produce, flowers, etc. 

Other FLAT RATE FACILITY RENTAL opportunities, not included with the above cropping opportunity:

1: 32 x 50 Greenhouse rental + electricity for system and cold storage. Dutch bucket growing opportunity with over head watering system already in place.

2: 4,400 sq ft of aquaponic growing area currently producing mint for a wholesale client.

Minimum Length of Stay:  variable

Housing provided to include / Exclude: Non-smoking shared or private cottage (in fact, no smoking on the farm property at all without execption - relationship will be immediately terminated if you smoke on the farm without retribution to the farm/farmer and you will be required to leave the farm the same day).  Shared open concept bunkhouse with shared kitchen and bath unless you rent the entire space for yourself.  Male and Female facilities are separate unless you are married.  Laundry Facilities are in town or $2.00 per load (wash & dry combined) in the dairy milking parlor, when the dairy is not using the machines and if operational. The honor system will apply - you supply your own detergent.

Preferred method Of Contact: 
Email first with info then follow up by phone.

Plan to provide everything pertaining to your livelyhood, i.e. twin bedding, food, personal effects, dish soap, laundry detergent, toilet paper, light bulbs, vacuum cleaner, cleaning supplies for your clean living environment, and your own transportation. Included is a 
bi-monthly extermination service. There are paid housecleaning services available by the hour.

Random inspections of the living facilities will apply to ensure the facilities are in good repair and that you are caring for the housing units.  It is your responsibility to dispose of your own garbage at the dump, keep your space clean and neat to deter pests and rodents (inside and out - including the parking area). Local garbage pick up is available for a fee to the provider, you will have to set this up on your own.  Farm owner does take clean and separated recyclables to College Station a couple of times per month and will happily include yours with theirs when they go to town if there is room in the vehicle - bring them to the main house on Saturday.

It is important that you get along in a shared living environment, be self motivated and encouraging to others; there is a "no drama" rule on the farm.  If you are problematic, there will be a clause in the rental arrangement that allows us to cease and desist at any time and you will be asked to leave or escorted from the farm. We are VERY serious about the "no drama" rule. This opportunity is for those that are serious Farmers wanting to make a living farming.

The closest towns are 10-15 miles, Calvert, TX or Cameron, TX.  The next closest are Temple and College Station.

NOTE: For someone just looking for a place to rent, we are open to this request.  We may even consider a horse or a milk cow, or a goat, coming along with you but we do not allow small pets such as reptiles, dogs, cats, etc in the shared living areas. Anything that might cause harm to our animals, or make a smell in our cottages will not be allowed.


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