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ARINA WULF (A CN 31166), $1,500, harness and collar can be purchased separately for $640. Arina is hitched on the left (looking from the drivers perspective – the lighter colored mare)

Imported Registered Halflinger mare, #16323-00. DOB 1-25-2000, chestnut, DNA tested, 59” tall, nice big mare, trained to ride and drive single & double. ID#: 00-201-7fe1, T/H brand.  Arina prefers to be handled by whom she considered “the Alpha” or a confident child.  She does not enjoy a timid or rough handler.  She needs to know she can trust you to be kind and in charge.  When I go to the herd, she is usually the 1st to come, she will stand to be bridled out on 170 acres, allow one to belly up bareback and take her on a wandering trail ride.  She is sweet, loving, and willing – but she is a mare, and mares have some definite opinions on some things. Arina developed SCC with just one SCC gene.  At 18 years old and her eyesight being fine, her current owner does not consider a $1,500 surgery to be prudent.  Arina’s low price reflects her training and SCC.

Sire to Arina is Alpenstein:

2003 Registered Paint Mare “Medicine Hat Paint”, $2,500 Shante.  Beginner riders are fine, experienced riders are fine.  Play or track cattle, she is a good all around mount. Ride her English, Western, bareback, whatever. Scared riders won’t like her … she is a mare and likes to bluff sometimes when you are trying to catch her, and has an opinion about some thing … but really she is very sweet and will do just about anything for food or a belly scratch.  At one point she was trained to lie down, we discourage it, but if you need this, you might be able to give her a tune up. We are not promoting her as a show horse, she once was but has not be tuned in that manner for many, many years … she is just a horse that just about anyone can ride, with her nose out, walk/trot/canter, there will be no collection, no fancy head set, just a farm or ranch pony to go out and get the job done.  Our children ride her, ages 8-18, my husband rides her to herd cattle, I ride her to lallygag about, sometimes we take her places with us b/c she is only 13.1H and use her like an ATV.



2000 Registered TB dressage schoolmaster, $3500 “Echo”

Youtube of Echo,

Echo is a well mannered TB gelding that loves arena work.  He is solid in all 2nd level dressage moves and working well at some 3rd level moves. However he is rarely ridden these days.  This fellow is hard to beat as a Jr. competitors mount.  As long as your rider is quiet with their hands and does not jam them down, he stays on the bit and is like working with a well oiled machine.  Our daughter was a bit hard handed when she purchased him. Wth a quiet encouraging instructor, she learned to have quiet hands on Echo, and he instantaneously went to work giving her 200%.  He is not picky about the leg ques, wherever she applys them he will move this way and that to please his rider and stay with them.  As long as you have quiet hands he will work himself to death for you, giving you every move, stride by stride.  Our daughter also wanted to compete in Working Equitation with him and took him to the International Working Equitation competition at Haras in 2015 and won 1st place in dressage Jr. Division with him and 2nd place Jr. Division overall.  She has now graduated to riding the stallions and started college, so Echo is free to go and train another young rider.  As a side note, Echo does jump, he was an A show jumper in his youth.  However, at 18 years old we do not want to place him in a jumping home.  If that is your goal, please don’t call about Echo.  He also has Working Equitation experience (a Spanish and Portuguese riding sport).

Many people ask if they can trail ride Echo, yes with another horse.  He does trail ride here on the farm and track cattle, but I think he hates these jobs.  He needs a strong rider to work cattle as he is the biggest chicken on 4 legs.  I ride him to work cattle but I have to be strong and consistent when I do, my teenager won’t ride him under these circumstances b/c he is just too much for a young rider to handle – he is terrified of the cows.  For trail riding, he used to be balky and nervous – flapping plastic on the greenhouses, hunters shooting, bulls fighting – oh he goes but he is constantly chomping on the bit and just flat ready to get home.  That is the really bad picture of Echo … and I say all of that thinking back on the days before Echo was turned out to pasture, more than 4 years ago.

Now Echo is a quiet leader of 4 horses on our 170 acre farm, grazing around the flapping plastic on the greenhouses, ignoring the fighting bulls and chasing dogs.  Our teenager does ride him out alone on the farm and to work him in the gopher pocked pastures.  But to say Echo likes it, I just don’t know that I would be telling you the truth as I have not ridden him out alone myself, in fact, I have not ridden him since Nov. of 2017.  So, until I say a final “you can or can’t trail ride him”, I need to go and try to trail ride him.  He did come along with no halter or lead last week when I rode Arina and was fine, but again, I need to try it before I become convinced that he would work well as a trail horse.

For a school horse in the arena for Dressage, little jumps, and Working Equitation – I say go for it! You won’t regret it.  His low price reflects his age but his value is his weight in gold as a horse to teach his rider to ride in style!