Horses for Sale


ARINA WULF (A CN 31166), $1,000

Imported Registered Halflinger mare, #16323-00. DOB 1-25-2000, chestnut, DNA tested, 59” tall, nice big mare, trained to ride and drive single & double. ID#: 00-201-7fe1, T/H brand.    She belongs to a friend of ours but is on our farm to be sold.  When I go to the herd, she is usually the 1st to come, she will stand to be bridled out on 170 acres, allow one to belly up bareback and take her on a wandering trail ride.  She is sweet, loving, and willing. Arina developed SCC with just one SCC gene.  At 18 years old and her eyesight being fine, her current owner does not consider a $1,500 surgery to be prudent.  Arina’s low price reflects her age and SCC. The children have been riding her recently and she is fine but herd sour. You will have to work through that with her and we will continue to work on it while she is here too.

Sire to Arina is Alpenstein:

2003 Registered Paint Mare “Medicine Hat Paint”, $2,500 Shante.  Beginner riders are fine, experienced riders are fine.  Play or track cattle, she is a good all around mount. Ride her English, Western, bareback, whatever. Scared riders won’t like her … she is a mare and likes to bluff sometimes when you are trying to catch her, and has an opinion about some thing … but really she is very sweet and will do just about anything for food or a belly scratch.  At one point she was trained to lie down, we discourage it, but if you need this, you might be able to give her a tune up. We are not promoting her as a show horse, she once was but has not be tuned in that manner for many, many years … she is just a horse that just about anyone can ride, with her nose out, walk/trot/canter, there will be no collection, no fancy head set, just a farm or ranch pony to go out and get the job done.  Our children ride her, ages 8-18, my husband rides her to herd cattle, I ride her to lallygag about, sometimes we take her places with us b/c she is only 13.1H and use her like an ATV.