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This list is ever changing as we organize the barn / barnyard and streamline the farming operation. Ask if you don't see what you want as we have yet to list it all.

If you have an interest in buying the farm, see our website www.listing.sandcreekfarm.net


$0.05 ea
, 2" net pots, used (new price $0.20 ea)

$0.50 propagation trays and tray holders, used and new (~900 available)

$70/box NEW Horticubes (2080/box - 104/sheet) XL Multi-seed, bottom groove 1.25"

$50 ea, 3-6 lined and unlined propagation tables, ~4'x12', for watering transplants from the bottom

, 1 NEW bags Vermiculite

$0.50 ea
, used air stones, removed these from our commercial aquaponic system barely used when we switched to the Aero-Tube hoses.

, custom used wood burning stove for shop or hot water heat exchange

$2 ea, used 35 gal black plant buckets

$70/bag, 1 NEW 50lb bag Surround pest control, OMRI listed, a clay like sustance to spray on plants to keep pests off.

$15 ea, 2'x4' food grade styrofoam rafts with 15 holes drilled to hold net pots for aquaponic production, this spacing is great for vegetables like lettuce, kale, collards, cabbage, and other larger leafy vegetables

$10 ea
2 rolls of weed cloth, 1 NEW and in the package, 1 mostly full roll, ~36" width

, NEW box of Rockwool

$1/set, NEW aluminum pulin connectors (by the set).

$0.50/set purlin connector end piece (ask for these)

$5.00 used drink cooler, 2-3 available

$40/can, NEW food grade white paint for food grade styrofoam boards in the aquaponic system

, 1 NEW bag of 11% DTPA, Chelated Iron, 25KK (this is the wholesale price from our distributor)

, 1 NEW bag Diatomaceous Eath (new price $27.50)

$25/all, NEW Vegetable twist ties for bunching

$70/ea, used 24"x10' thermostatically controlled heat mats for transplant propagation.  We roll these out in the nursery troughs and heat from the bottom.

$25/all, PVC pipes with emitter for a sprinkler system in a greenhouse

$800 custom motorized aquaponic board washer

$25/roll, NEW but not full rolls of plastic for the end walls of a greenhouse

$25/ea, custom metal templates to drill hole configurations on food grade styrofoam for the aquaponic system rafts.  34 holes on a 2'x4', 55 holes on a 2'x2', 15 holes on a 2'x4'

$18/ea, 4'x4' undrilled food grade styrofoam board for the aquaponic system

AQUAPONIC ITEMS - to be sold after the farm is sold.

$519, 1 NEW Sweetwater Blower, S31

$11/bag, 5 lb NEW bag Calcium (this is the wholesale price from our distributor)

$17.50/bag, 2 NEW bags Oyster shell (this is the wholesale price from our distributor)

$25, used Produce Scale

$380, used Air opener for Poly bag packaging - AIE-400BO (strong fan motor blows bag open, making for rapid packaging and filling. stainles steel body for easy cleaning. operaties with wicket bags, 2 speed fan motor and adjustable width feeder. 0 CFM airflow, 16", 20 lbs and 50 W. max bag width 16" - dimension 16"x27"x6", weight 30 lbs.

, NEW aerotube hose to make O2 tubes for aquaponics.  Aero-Tube aeration tubing is the heart of Colorite's aeration technology and is extremely simple to use. Among the benefits of Aero-Tube technology are a major reduction in energy costs, significantly higher oxygen transfer rates, higher dissolved oxygen (DO) levels, and an improved bottom line.  By combining Aero-Tube aeration tubing with and efficient clean air blower, you can create a high efficiency, low cost aeration system.

$25/roll, 1.5" rigid air tube, this is the heavy walled black pipe around the top of the fish tank to which you insert the air tubing to feed the air stones.


$550 Moline Side Delivery Rake

$25 Slip Scrape

$100 Middle Buster Plow

$100 Walking plow

$250 Tool bar with seat

$20 ea Sweep with Shank

$3 ea
Culitvator sweeps

$55 ea
Hay Grapples

$25 Pony Shafts

$50 Draft size Forecart Shaft attachment

$50 Hay Trolley Track

$950 Square Bale Hay Basket (new price $3995 + s/h)

$1995 ea Hay Wagons with air wheels

$3000 ea Pequea Manure / Compost Spreader

$300 Miniature Horse Harness with 13" collar

Small Pony sized Harness with collar

$550 Draft Harness + $200 for collar, biothane, Amish made, stainless hames/fittings/heel chains, fits up to 16-18H draft

$15 ea Sickle Mower Blades, most never used. 8', 6' & 5'

$150 Red 3 horse evener for a tongue (in barn)

$150 Center fire triple tree (in barn)

$150 Green Pioneer 4 horse equalizer beam with 1 double tree (in barn)

63" double tree and neck yoke for produce patch (in barn)

reddish steel neck yoke with ring (in barn)

26" red wooden double tree and 27" neck yoke for pony (in tack room)

30" natural wooden single tree draft (in tack room)

27 3/4" black steel single tree (in tack room)

5 collar pads, 3x14", 16", 17"

3 collars, 13", 15", 17"

$15 ea Double Shovel 

3 western bridle headstalls w/o bits

34 1/2" steel double tree

$55 Trail Max Panniers

$10 ea Pony string girths, Air Waffle WEave Neoprene Girth Cinch 24

$10 ea Horse neoprene girth

$10 ea Western Saddle pads

$1 ea Horse halters

$950 Riano Siller Portuguese saddle, bridle, bit, rabbit fleece, crupper, breast collar

To correctly determine the seat size of ANY English saddlemeasure from the screw (aka brad or nailhead) on either SIDE of the pommel (front) DIAGONALLY to the CENTER of the cantle (back edge of seat) using a straight-edge (ruler or yardstick), or holding a tape measure TAUT: NOT following the seat's contours.
$550 Crosby 16.5" medium tree English saddle

$550 Crosby 16.5" wide tree English Saddle, custom extra long side pannels

$25 Saddle Cover - for sale with or after English saddles are sold

$10 ea English saddle pads, dressage and jumping - also have the fuzzy kind, just not a photo at this time.

$25 extra thick black English saddle pad

$10 Dressage saddle pad

$10 ea English bits

$10 per set English Stirrup irons

$50 ea
black stall mat, convey material, VERY heavy (1 of these)

$5 Anti-grazing muzzle

$1-5 for cow halters

$1 Calf Nursing Ring


$50 Digital Temperature Control for a commercial refrigerator ($100 new)

$55 Large milk strainer with paper filters

$15 Antique Cow Can't Kick for decoration or repair and use

$45 Dairy Kool 1.5HP electric motor

$250 all for the wooden shelving that used to be used to age our 70 lb cheese wheels

$35 NEW Delaval fresh cow milking bucket lid 

$35 NEW Delaval blank milking bucket lid

$25 ea NEW Endosorb bolus, anti-diarrheal demulcent for cows

$15 ea, fresh milk quarter buckets ($60 new)

$50 for all misc stainless steel pipes, fittings, valves

$45/set Fly strip tape set ($87 new)

$7 ea California Mastitis Test concentrate Only. 
The California mastitis test (CMT) is a simple cow-side indicator of the somatic cell count of milk. It operates by disrupting the cell membrane of any cells present in the milk sample, allowing the DNA in those cells to react with the test reagent, forming a gel.

The complete test kit looks like this and you can click and buy from our home page.

$25 for 5 doz washable NEW soft udder cloths

$5 ea misc NEW dairy cow nutrient tubes

$100, 80# stainless steel milk bucket ($218.95 new)

DAIRY EQUIPMENT - to be sold after the cows are sold

$1500 our price - full bucket milking system (new price is $1775 + tax + s/h)
mobile vacuum pump and scrub brushes to clean milker inlcuded

$1500 walk in freezer

$10 California Mastitis Test "CMT" Kit, used or 
$5 CMT paddle (has 4 cups on it for milk from 4 teats to test at the same time)

$55 Hand held cow udder singe

$55 Cow can't kick

$15 Scub brushes to clean dairy equipment


$35 ea Meltal tables (4 available)

$45 ea Metal shelving (5 or more available)

$55 Metal corner shelving (1 only)

$5,500 Insulated 14' Cargo trailer with a/c unit installed for cooling


$2.50 ea T-Post of any size

$25 ea T-Post corner system, pre-welded and fully function (new price $50 ea)

$2.50 ea Poly post for electric fencing (164 posts available - new price is ~$6 ea)

$35 ea Rotational Grazing wheel with electric twine

$10 each for these reels

$1.50 ea Pig Tail Posts

Electric Fencing Supplies (ask for list)


Description - most item priced at half of new



11 insulated gate handle ($1.95 ea new)


7 plastic gate handles w/metal hooks ($3.65 ea new)


~17 bags Power Flex Post clips ($3.47/100 ct bag new) - 14 gauge


4 Gate Anchors ($3.39/2 new)


29 Non-insulated fence ratchets / strainers ($2 ea new)


88 Insulated fence ratchets / strainers ($4 ea new)


46 Porcelain/ceramic donuts ($0.89 ea new)


18 rectangular porcelain insulators, blunt end ($4.19/10 new)


3 Large brown porcelain screw in insulators ($2.69 ea new)


16 white (10) / black (4) plastic oval insulators (10 for $9.90 new)


9 yellow swivel cut switches ($9.50 ea new)


2 yellow/black small oval insulator


1 white , holds the wire off the fence


1 black with metal end, holds the wire off the fence


37 Yellow plastic donut insulators (10 for $4.14 new)


11 bottle metal fence clips ($5.99/1lb new)


68 Wraparound t-post claw insulators ($9.99/25 new)


1 t-post cap ($6.70 ea new)


1 Tall fence stretcher for straight or high tensile net wire ($215.95 new)


6 Push-A-Post corner braces for hot wire ($50 ea new)


1 single groove wood post ceramic insulator ($7.99 new)


All Pig Tail Clips ($10.49/20 ct)


Pinlock Insulators ($3.60 ea new) - we can add these if you want them


6 Self drilling insulator ($2.27 ea new)


5 Fiberglass fence posts ($1.29 ea new)


200 White Powerflex fiber posts - not fiberglass but something else Powerflex sold ($5.00 ea new)





$75 Large flock gravity fed chicken feeders

$15 ea Post hole diggers

$1 ea Fiberglass push posts


$205/roll 7500' NEW drip tape rolls. 8 mill with emitters every 12"

$13,750 Tuff-bilt cultivating tractor

$1,500 Tuff-bilt mower (shown under the belly of the mower)

$400 Bed shaper

$472 Disc plow

$420 Disc

$225 custom front cultivating tractor tool bar

$225 custom rear cultivating tractor tool bar

$2,195 all 2 row Jang seeders (email Ben Godfrey for total # of seeders)

$80 extra seed plates

$500 Road grader blade

$225 Drip tape layer

$1,700 36" Heavy duty tiller

$136 Hiller disc

$500 Flame weeder

$20 Torch flame weeder, may work, may need a new cord ($55 new)

$4,300 Small compost spreader

$185 Front bumper

$800 transplanter & row market

$115 Draw bar to pull cart

$350 Sprayer

$800 Over the row harvest trailer

$52 Front bumper weight

$700 Chisel plow, 7 shank

$2,000 Bush hog disc 10'

$300 2 row bedder

$2,200 Field harvest conveyor, 28'

$380 Roller converor, 10'

$3,500 Hydraulic weeder

$600 Bed roller

$17,721 Multi-roop crop harvester

$315 Vertical tiller /weeder

$1,000 Cover crop seed drill

$150 Produce cart - for sale after farm is sold

$300 Irrigation lines & fittings

$200 Hoes & tomato stake / fence pounder

$200 Wheel hoe & attachments

$135 ea Tires with rims, 26x12.00-12x4 ply power lug tires

$25 Rotary drum pump

$1.50 ea Landscaping block (2 available)

$5 Barrel, 15 gal closed top

$15 Barrel, 30-55 gal, some closed top, some open top

$6 ea yard ring sprinkler base (3 available)

$20 3 legged sprinkler stand (1 available)

$20 tall yard ring sprinkler base, round base with 1 pipe upright (1 available)

$0.50 ea used 72" Tomato stakes, untreated white oak

$15 NEW Wraplite T8 fixture 2 bulb (~$30 new at the store)

$1 ea, 5 gal bucket lids

$50 NEW 4', 6 lamp high bay t-mvolt lithonia lighting still in box ($85 new in store)

$80 Manual Hoist, 5 ton

$450 Lincoln arc welders, hood and gloves

$3918 Corded drill, cordless drill, cordless impact driver, sockets, wratchets, large rolling tool box, screws, bolts, nuts, plumbing fittings, crowbar, table saw, 5 HP air compressor, air hoses, basic air tools, 4'x8' welding table, nwe plasma cutter,  1-8' ladder, chop saw, weed eater, floor jack, grease gun, high lift jack

$300 Central pneumatic portable gas 9 gal 212cc spa wheelbarrow air compressor

$80 "A" frame Ladders, 8'

$145 "A" frame Ladders, 12'

$140 heavy duty Aluminum ladder with stabilizers

$135 Husqvarna 338XPT Arborist Chainsaw

$1 ea Fence ratchet /strainer (26 available)

$2 ea insulated fence ratchet (58 available)

$15 In-line Strainer Handle

$35 Milwaukee metal sheers

$5/lb bolts, nuts, screws, washers

$____ Digital Sine Wave Inverter

$____ Powerline alternator

$15 ea partial fence rools

$0.50/ft. 2 7/8" & 2 3/8" pipe, all cut pieces

$0.50/ft. angle - galvanized and galvelume

$10 ea gutters and down spouts

$10 ea, 4-5' "T" posts for clothes lines (short)

$10 metal upright

$0.25/ea small clamps

$15 hand nailer

$5/set knee pads

$0.50 3" paint rollers and roller covers

$5 hand fertilizer

$1 ea plate caster wheels

$____ Single and double propane bottle heater attachments

$25 ea Echo weeder attachments ($100 ea new)


$6,950 F350 crew cab dually with gooseneck hitch and extra sleeper cabin with a bench seat

$5,500 Travalong 8'x24' stock trailer with dressing room

$5 Oil funnel

$5 NEW John Deere AT314164 oil filter

$75 INDOL premium hydraulic fluid, 55 gal barrel ~ 1/2 full

$40 Auto gate solar charger ($80-112 new for 5 watt panel; $151 for a Mighty Mule 10 watt)


$5-10 ea Wooden shelving

$75 Child's table w/4 chairs (no longer has a glass top)

$50 NEW box of 1000 sausage suffing bags, many rolls of NEW tape and tape dispenser

$399 Carolina cooker waxed stew pot, 90 gal (first photo is actual, second photo is a stock photo)

$15 Pampered Chef Bundt Pan

$15 Rifle or shot gun hard sided case

$0.50 each NEW 32 oz long neck bottles, we have several cases worth of these but we do not have the lids.  The number of the bottle is on the bottom and lids are easy to order.

$15 wheel barrow that needs a handle kit

$15 Spotlights

$200 Foxpro fx3 digital game caller

$1 ea 64oz NEW glass jugs (6 per case)

Case & Sons pocket knife set w/oilstone

$50 Round Metal Table w/formica like top, add $100 for 4 metal chairs

Polo Manual

$25 Fly Zapper system

$10 End table / computer table

$100 Kitchen aid (front attachment hole does not work)

$950 Saiga 12 guage semi-automatic shotgun


$10 ea Men's Propper Tactical Pants

$15 ea Camouflage coveralls

$45 Men's L vest and XL coat, Amish made

$20 Yukon hiking boots, youth size 4

$20 Ladies Jodhpurs

$70 Vasque Gore-Tex hiking boots, Ladies size 9

I DON'T KNOW WHAT THESE ARE - make an offer

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