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FOR SALE - A2/A2 Dairy cattle

All of the cattle on the farm are A2/A2. All cattle are annually tested for Bovine Leukemia Virus, Johnes, TB, Q-disease and Brucellosis.

$3500 - Tucker, A2/A2 Jersey Bull with non-registered Jersey papers (dam was registered / sire was not).  Tucker has a very small splash of French Normandy and he sometimes throws color.  He sires more heifers than bulls by a wide margin.  He was raised in our dairy milking herd, being pushed into the milking pen daily, sometimes even up into the milking parlor.  He is comfortable with close human interaction and knows not to enter your space.  We have raised him gently but sternly with appropriate respect for our space. He has always behaved himself in human company. Tucker will sell with his A2/A2 documentation from UC Davis Genetics Lab.

All of the livestock is sold "as is, no guarantee, no return".  If you would like to hire a vet to come to the farm to run tests, we will allow this at your expense, and guarantee to hold them for 10 working days past the vet's visit to the farm, with a 25% refundable deposit. Serious buyers only, with an appointment, Mon-Sat.

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