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Cows for Sale
FOR SALE - A2/A2 Dairy cows - some are being milked for the Godfrey family's personal consumption.

All of the cows on the farm are are A2/A2.  All of the offspring from these cows have no option but to be A2/A2. All cows for sale will come with their A2/A2 documentation from UC Davis Genetics Lab.  You are also welcome to a copy of the bulls A2/A2 Genetic results for your files.  All cows are annually tested for Bovine Leukemia Virus, Johnes, TB and Brucellosis - usually in the Fall.

#1406 Lemon $4,000 - 2014 milking for the family now, good 4 quarters. Her 2017 bull calf (DOB 2/19/17) will be included free of charge or sold for $6.00/lb hanging at weaning age.

#1335 Dana Mills $4,000 - 2013 cow milking for the family now, big producer, 3 good quarters, 1 light quarter.  Her 2017 heifer calf (DOB 2/23/17) will be included free of charge or for sale separately for $2,000.

#1428 Catnip $4,000 - 2014 cow milking but not clean for the farmily, nurses the other calves willingly. Catnip's 2017 heifer calf (DOB 2/9/17) will be included free of charge or for sale separately for $2,000.

#1995 Vivian $4,000 - 2009 cow bred about Feb 4, 2017.  Works well as a nurse cow.  Has been milked in the past for humans on our raw cow milk line.  Last year her calf was large and we did not milk her for humans, just let her nurse.

#1517 Lilac $3,000 2015 bred heifer (Lilac may have a white mark on her head - she looks just like her sister except that marking.  I will walk out and double check and change the photo if I have the wrong sister in this photo)

#1507 Sunflower $3000 2015 bred heifer

A2/A2 Bull - Tucker, sire of calves - will be sold after the cows are sold or as part of a package.

A package price will be considered if you want to purchase 3 or more.

All of the cows are sold "as is, no guarantee, no return".  If you would like to hire a vet to come to the farm to run tests, we will allow this at your expense, and guarantee to hold them for 10 working days past the vet's visit to the farm, with a 25% refundable deposit.  Once you leave the farm with the cow, the cow is yours. Serious buyers are welcome to observe them milking any morning at 7:30 a.m. with an appointment, other than Sunday, that is our day of rest.

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