Tools / Workshop items for Sale

$34 Bolt cutters 24″ (new price online is $67)

$10.00 Pipe Wrench (new price online is $28)

$5.00 –  7″ Channel Locks

$5.00 – 9″ Channel Locks ($12.50 new online)

$5.00 – 12″ Channel Locks – Based on the photos online, these are 12″ Groove Joint Pliers.  12″ groove joint pliers cost $13 new at Home Depot

$5.00 – 16″ Channel Lock – Based on the photos online, these are 16″ Groove Joint Pliers.  16″ groove joint pliers cost $20 new at Home Depot.

$5.00 – Channel Lock Pliers

$5.00 – 13″ Channel Lock

$7.50 – 10″ Channel Lock. (New price is $15 each)

$2.00 hammer with wooden handle (new price online is $5.00)

$5 Husky hammer (new price online is $12)

$3.00 Slip Joint Pliers (new price online $10)

$3.00 Slip Join Pliers (new price online is $10)

$17.00 – 15″ Firetongs (new price online is $35)

$7.00 Aviation Snips (new price online is $14)

$3.00 Aviation Snips (new price online is $14)

$5.00  Straight Pattern Tin Snips (new price online is $11)

$5.00 Wire Cutting Pliers with Tape Puller (new price online is $14-17)

$7.50 – 10″ Crescent Wrench (new price online $15)

$5.00 – 8″ Crescent Wrench (new price online $13)

$5.00 – 8″ Crescent Wrench (new price online $13)

$10.00 – 12″ Crescent Wrench (new price online $20)

$2 Rubber mallet (new price online is $5-12)

$25 for all 3 wooden cases of Router Bits

$10.00 – Router bit (new price online is $40)

$10.00 – Drill bits (new price online $20)

$5.00 Drill bit pack (new price online $8.50 for a pack or $3.77 each)

$1.00 – 3/8″ Rock Carbide Hammer Drill bit, no spin shank DW5230 (new price $2.48 ea)

$2.00 – SDS Plus Rotary Hammer Drill bit, 1/4″ x 4-1/2″, Fastenal #54270 (new price is $3.88)

$___ ACE Drill bit heavy duty

$10.00 – Dewalt Split Front Titanium Drill bit 1/8″ (new price $15.69)

$7.00 – Wheel lug wrench (new price online $15+)

$2.00 – 9″ Torpedo Level (new price $5.50)

$7.00 Super Lightening Protector, diverts the voltage from a lightning strike to ground before it reaches the energizer. (new price is $13)

$10.00 Sledge hammer (weight to come) – (a 20 lb sledge hammer is $43 new price)

$10.00 Rubber handle Sledge Hammer

$___ Ratcheting screw driver

$____ Earthway seed plates

$___ Grease Gun

$___ Drill bits

$___ Punches and Files

$___ Drill bits

$___ Air chucks

$___ Wire brush

$____ Screw drivers

$___ Screw driver (3 photos of the same item)

$____ Tire plug tools and screw drivers

$___ Kid shovel

$___ Chuck key

$___ Ratcheting Wrenches

$___ Wrench


$___ Allen wrenches


$___ Hoof Rasp

$5 bag of shop gloves (we keep a set of these for handling grease guns in the shop)

$___ McCormick Deering Pitman Arm

$0.35 each NEW Lag Screw eye 5/16″ x 4″ ($0.67 ea new price) – we have about 15 of these.

$0.40 each ($0.95 ea new price)

$0.50 – #10-24 x 1/2″ phillip flat head machine screw zinc, used for hinges

$2.50 Everbilt flat head phillips wood screw #12 x 1-1/4″ ($6.21 new price)

$___ Finishing Nails

$___ GE ballast

$1 each used fuel bottles – they have some fuel in them

$___ Steel plate

$___ cord for electric switch to go from generator to electric box 

$___ cage clips (i.e. rabbit / chicken cage)

$____ rivets

$___ small rivets

$ 8  NEW 40-1R x 10′ chain in bag in box ($14.62 new price)

$4 Swanson Speed Square ($7.90 new price)

$___ Washing machine hose “Y”

$___ Piano Dollys

$___ Tire plug tool and screw drivers

$____ Propane Tank

$___ Air Pressure Tool

$15 GE Magnetic Rapid Start Ballast – this is a new ballast ($27 new price)

  • Magnetic ballast construction for all general fluorescent lighting.
  • Extends lamp life in frequently switched applications
  • Color coded ballast and package labels reduce misapplication errors (120V Yellow, 277V Red)
    Ambient Temp [Max]
    105  °F
    Ballast Factor
    Ballast Type
    Rapid Start
    Case Temperature (Max)
    90  °C
    Line Voltage Regulation (+/-)
    Classification (Regulations)
    Circle E
    UL Class P
    UL Type 1 Outdoor
    UL Listed
    UL Type HL
    Sound Rating
    A (20-24 decibels)
    Starting Method
    Rapid start
    Product Technology
    Linear Fluorescent
    Lamp Wiring
    3.4  lb
    Exit Type
    Remote Mount Distance
    10.0  ft
    Alternative Unit Of Measure
    Standard Package Quantity
    Ean UPC
    Standard Package GTIN
    18.25 in
    10.5 in
    4.25 in
    0.4713 cuft
    Gross Weight
    23.25 lb
    Pack Level Description
    Sales Unit
    Case dimensions
    9.5 in
    2.38 in
    1.55 in
    Mounting dimensions
    Mount Length
    8.89 in
    Mount Width
    1.69 in
    Mount Slots
    0.312 in
    Lead Color
    Quality of Leads Per Color
    Lead Exit Type
    Lead Size
    Lead Length
    12 in
    12 in
    12 in
    12 in
    12 in


$250 Mitutoyo ABSOLUTE Digimatic Caliper 0-150mm Carbide OD Jaws ($358 new)

This Mitutoyo ABSOLUTE Digimatic Caliper keeps track of its origin point once set. Whenever turned on, the large LCD screen displays the actual slider position ready to start measurement. This digimatic caliper is easy to use and no need to wipe clean. The ABSOLUTE system scale provides error-free, high-speed measurement with SPC data output. This caliper has a thumb roller and is supplied in a fitted case.

  • Range = 0-150mm
  • Accuracy = +/-0.02mm
  • Resolution = 0.01mm
  • Jaws = Carbide-tipped for outside diameter measurement
  • Scale Type = Absolute electromagnetic capacitance type linear encoder
  • Display = LCD
  • Functions = Origin-set, zero-set, data output, low voltage alarm, counting value composition error alarm
  • Battery = SR44 (life = appx 3 years)
  • Weight = 168g
  • Cable Output Type = USB-ITN-A (C) and U-Wave-T SPC Cable (C)

Mitutoyo Part # = 500-154-20

 stock photo, actual to come

$20 pile of plumbing supplies

$10 Post Pounder

$5 Oil pan

$35 Ridgid 5.0 shop vac ($70 new price)

$10 Fire Storm Black & Decker Angle Grinder FS6500AG

$15 extra lead for welder (new price is $28)

$90 – 12 Speed Bench Drill Press ($134 new price)

$420 Still MS200T Arborist Chain Saw ($510 USED price on ebay)

$460 200B Level – still has the sticker in it in the case – a little dust from sitting.  Will throw in a tri-pod to go with it.


$2 ea Caster Wheels

$125 Porter Cable Metal Cutting Circular saw 7-1/4″ (new price $260)

$75 Bosch 1677md worm drive Circular Saw 7.25″

$450 Ridgid TS3650, 10″ Cast Iron Table Saw


$120 Triple rope Pulley, heavy duty


$7 Hand held Conduit / pipe bender

$150 LaserMark LM-30 – this one is still in it’s original case. (This with the tri-pod below is closer to $500 new price).

  • Use the accurate LM30 manual level for a ¼-inch at 100ft accuracy level job work. Use this level for plum projects. This laser level is ideal for horizontal and vertical use as it features a built-in Trivet with dual 5/8-11 tripod mounts. Go for high-end leveling using the LM30 manual level featuring two laser-chalking modes for multiple firing modes. The variable speed rotation of this level ensures efficient energy consumption. Recharge this laser level after the battery low indicator light indicates the charge status. The LM30 manual level is easy-to-use equipment for indoors and outdoors for just one man’s operation.

$40 Dewalt tribute-pod ($85 new for this one) – needs a good cleaning, we will do that before you pick up.

$50 Dolly

$25 Concrete Saw – used 1 time

$5 Irwin Marathon Circular Saw blade 10″ ($28 new price)

$10 per set – Saw horse legs

$3/lb Self Tapping Screws – mix and match, your choice


$3 for ~1 lb Screws


$3 for ~1 lb Nails


$3 for ~1 lb misc items


Crimping sleeves

$3 for ~1 lb bolts



$125 Senco FramPro 601 Head Nailer (new price is $200) – buy ours used for less (this will be available when I find it :)>)

Here are the specifications for this Nailer from the Senco website:

Fastening Solutions Best Value in the Industry!Clipped head nailers provide all the important features you want at anaffordable price. These compact framers are easy to handle, and easyon the arm. Their 30˚ short, in-line magazines provide excellent maneuverability and line of sight. These powerful framers drive awide range of fasteners in four gauges (.113 – .148) from 2″ to 3-handle virtually any job. Applications: Framing, truss building, subflooring, sheathing, decking, siding,fencing, pallets and crate assembly. Features and Benefits:
• Sawtooth safety that digs in for precision toenailing
• Shorter, straight-line 30˚ magazine for better line of sightand superior maneuverability
• Drives ring and smooth shank nails in four gauges (.113 -.148)from 2″ to 3-⁄”12
• Reliable internal design with full round driver
• Adjustable exhaust
• Lightweight and powerful
• Adjustable depth-of-drive control• Soft comfort grip handle reduces fatigueTool Specifications: FramePro 601
Power: 884 in/lbsTool
Weight:8 lbs (3.6 kg)
Height:13 .5″ (343 mm)
Length:14.8″ (376 mm)
Nail Capacity:65Reg.
Operating Pressure: 70-120 psigMode of Operation: Available with either Dual Action or Restrictive Trigger activating mechanisms.
•©2005 SENCO Products, Inc.Clipped Head Framing/Sheathing Nailer™⁄” to12Fastener Specifications: The 601 nailers drive 2″ – 3-1or plain) and 2″- 3″ ring shank nails. Shank diameters include.113, .120, and .131.Sequential Actuation Trigger (also known as restrictive trigger or trigger fire) operatesin the following a sequence – depress the safety element at the nose of tool against thework surface then pull the trigger. After each fastener is driven, release the trigger andlift the tool off the work surface before starting the sequence again. This trigger isrecommended and acceptable for most applications.Contact Actuation Trigger (also known as dual action, bounce or bottom fire)operates in the following sequence- pull the trigger first and keep the trigger pulledwhile moving the tool along the work surface with a bouncing motion, depressing thesafety element at the nose of the tool against the work surface where the fastener is tobe driven. This trigger is recommended for use by trained professionals only in highproduction or volume applications.Always read the Operators Manual and Safety Instructions with all tools to ensureproper use and safety precautions or contact SENCO for more information on ourtrigger systems. Choose the right trigger system for your specific needs!For additional information on how SENCO Fastening Solutions will save you time,reduce costs, and increase quality.Fastening Solutions Adjustable Exhaust Ergonomic Design Superb balance for useall day Reliable Proven design for long trouble-free operation Adjustable Depth-of-DriveDrives nails to a consistent and controllable depth No-Mar Pad Protects work surfaceToenail Safety Teeth grip studs for precise positioningClipped Head Framing/Sheathing Nailer™Full Comfort Grip Resilient grip reduces fatigue
Better line of sight forright and left handers improves balance and reduces fatigue
Dry Fire Lockout
Prevents dry firing, missed operations and signals when to reload 601®Rear
Two-Step Loading Quick and easy for right or left handers
Power to Perform
Consistently drives a fullrange of nails

$420 Stihl MS 200T arborist chain saw – needs about $80 worth of labor/material to be running smoothly.  We can tell you exactly what it needs.  Starts.