Livestock / Pet Items for Sale

$5 ringed side reins with elastic
$15 mini-choke strap
$1 each, hog nipples new
$3 each, hog nipples on pipe
$2 hole punch – I am not sure which pair we have down there but I saw one the other day
$2 Weaver nose feed sack, you need to sew the strap to the one side
$10 leather hobbles – need a good cleaning
$2 pony harness saddle back pad
$20 Draft Cart Loop set

$1 for all chicken leg bands NEW
$2 chick feeder or water
$5 for a barrel
$5 for a barrel
$1 each, throat latches for bridles
$10 each fresh cow bypass buckets (new price is $60 each)

$25 for a set of NEW wooden implement handles ($57 new price)

$900 Don Gonzales custom Chaps, fits a 6’4″ man, average weight of 200-240 lbs

$2 for 4 syringes

$6 for 3 boxes probe covers and 2 digital thermometers

$5 for a bag of Syrvet Cohesive Flexible Bandage

$1.00 Garlic Oil

$1.00 Paintstik all-weather – Livestock marker

$8.00 Clevis Pin


$10 mini choke strap with a breast strap and snaps

$9 Face piece for a mini driving bridle

$2.00 each, misc harness parts

$20 Cart Loops w/ back and belly band

$17 Cart Loops w/ belly band only

$2.00 Ring Spreader ($6.00 new price). I have the clip for the end of the ring spreader that is stainless.


$18 Draft – Horse shaft/cart loops and belly band for cart loops / $15 for Pony cart loops with belly or back band – $7.50 Just a belly band for pony cart loops / $9.00 for just a belly band for Draft/horse cart loops

$5 for 1 heavy leather cart loop / $4.50 ea Biothane cart loops

$5 Parade Pad (new price $11) – 6″ x 17″ pony size

$50-90 Collars 

Split leather back & rim field collars range 17″, and 20″ (new price is $136.35) our price is $60.00
1 pad (22” new price$18.50 / retail price is $24.98), use with a 20″ collar, has a tear in it. Our price is $5.00 —- 2 pony collar pads $10 each


$2.50 each, misc. rein pieces

$1 each for Browbands and/0r cheek pieces.  All sizes … horse, pony, mini.


$15 – custom pieces that attach to the loops at the back of a Western Saddle to give a place for the crupper to attach when we were riding mules in the Colorado mountains.  you need to have another small piece with a buckle to attach these.

$40 Steel Cart Shafts, 8’10”

$50 – 45-1/2″ Steel draft size forecart shaft attachment

NOTE: To correctly determine the seat size of ANY English saddlemeasure from the screw (aka brad or nailhead) on either SIDE of the pommel (front) DIAGONALLY to the CENTER of the cantle (back edge of seat) using a straight-edge (ruler or yardstick), or holding a tape measure TAUT: NOT following the seat’s contours.$500 Crosby 16.5″ medium tree English saddle

$500 Crosby 16.5″ wide tree English Saddle, custom extra long side pannels
NOT for sale until the saddles sell …. $25 Saddle Cover – for sale with or after English saddles are sold
2 smooth white pads NOT for sale until the Saddles sell.  They will be $10 each at that time.  We also have a white dressage pad that will be sold after the Portuguese saddle is sold for $10.
$10 ea English girths
$5.50 Western string pony girth (new price $11)
$5 noseband
$1 Anti-grazing muzzle


$7 Bridle or Halter Hooks


$1 Folding Hoof Pick (new price $2) – we have 2 of these.

$45 ea 2 Trail Max Panniers (new price $89.95 ea)
$2.00 Twitch with chain ($9 new price)

$2.00 Twitch humane model ($17.59 new price)

$5 Saddle Rack (new price $19.95)

$3 ea Halter – all halters have now had a good scrubbing in the clothes washer and are clean and ready to go.

$1 for each bucket – each it has a crack in it somewhere – good for carry brushes or other non-liquid items

$1 ea floats for troughs

$150 each solid wood feeders, bring strong help to move – Amish made and heavy (these cost ~$450 each new), 9’6″ long x 23″ deep




$9.00 Kant-Kick Cow Hobbles ($17.50-20.55 new price)


$10 used price LEXAN FRESH COW LID W/GASKET ($28 new price)

$50 Stainless plates (we used these ) for cheese weights and equalizing pressure on the tops of two cheese moulds).

$50 Royce Rolls model #15C Stainless Steel 7 1/2 gallon Non-tapered Double Tank.  Priced for the set of 2 (new price is $286 for the set)

$3 Pipe clamp 1 1/2″


$3 each: Misc Dairy Parts, fraction of new cost – 2 pieces of the straight pipe are not included


$20 for piece in photo, $3.00 for clamps

$10 ea 2 Stainless paper towel holders (new price $89 ea)

stock photo

$15 Ecolab Equipment Sanitizer (new price $100-200)

$75 all for the wooden shelving that used to be used to age our cheese wheels (all shelving and wall brackets included – already disassemble and ready to haul)


$10 ea, fresh milk quarter buckets 2 to choose from ($60 new)


$3 Mineral Oil NEW ($6.35 new price)

$1 big blue tub, crack on sides – see photo
$1 each, buckets with a crack somewhere – not for holding liquid but feed or other items is fine.
$25 temperature controller for commercial refrigerator ($100 new price)