Farming & Gardening / Aquaponic Supplies / Misc. for Sale

$40 BAND NEW, STILL IN WRAPPER Neem Oil and Orange Guard
$75 Pipe racks:
$150 for all: Wooden shelving units, 2 sets of 3 part wooden shelves for the workshop. These hold heavy items well; they were used to age 70lb wheels of cheese. 3 uprights to hold the shelves for 2 separate sets, meaning 6 uprights total. 1 set is 7’4″H x 20-1/2″W; the other is 6’10″Hx3’2-1/2″W. There is a stack of planks that we used for the shelving itself as seen in the photo; the pieces are 8’Lx11-1/4″Wx1″thick and 9’10″Lx11-1/4″Wx1″thick.
$75 Brooder or other use
$20 Yard Eutler Ring Base Sprinkler Stand and upright pipe
$20 for both of these seed plates
$50 Trade show booth collapsable frame for displays.  There are more parts to this in it’s wheeled carrying case but I have never taken them out and don’t know what they are for.  I know there used to be lights and now there is not.  This costs over $400 new, we have used it at several trade shows but no longer have a need for it.
$15 Grillrite BBQ Grill


$5 small BBQ grill


$1.00 clay planters

$50 – 3 1/2″ x 50′ Stainless Steel chiller / heat exchange coil (new price $120) 2 available
$5 each black collapsable crates

$162 NEW Solo Sprayer on wheels, hand operated. 4 gal HDPE tank with UV protection.  Large 4.25″ opening for easy filling and cleaning.  Chemically resistant Viton seals insure long life and durability.  Piston put out up to 90 psi.

$6 bulk head fitting – 2″ (sorry for the dirt, it was in the bottom of a barrel – we cut it out and it is ready to go)

$10 ea hard wood carpet dolly, I believe 30″ x 18″ and 1000 lb limit ($30 each new)

$1/foot. New price for 11 gauge is $5.19/ft – 14 gauge $3.34/ft. If you want to get any other steel pipe costs call Pioneer Steel. $1/ft is a steal of a deal on this.

$1/foot – 2 pieces 2″ x 2″ x 1/8″ wall
– 9’5″
– 10’10”
– approximately a 20′ piece in the barn
$1/foot – 1 piece 1-1/2″ x 1-1/2″ x 1/8″ wall
– 6′
$1/foot – 1 piece 2-1/2″ x 2-1/2″ x 3/16″ wall
– 4’10”
$1/foot – 4 pieces 2″ x 2″ x 1/8″ wall
– 35″
– 35″
– 26″
– 26″
$1/foot – 4 pieces 3″ x 3″ x 1/8″ wall
– 8’6″ each
$1/foot – 2 pieces 2″ x 2″ x 3/16″ well
– 40″
– 40″

$1/foot Rectangular steel tubing:
2″x4″ x 1/8″ wall

$1/foot C-purlin:

  • 4″ wide x ~20′ long (2 pieces)
  • 6″ wide x 8′ long
  • 8″ wide x 10′ long
$1/foot Channel Iron:
6″ x 6’11”
$100 Super Heavy Duty Channel Iron Ramps
6″ x 10′


$35 for each of the racks that hold steel pipe

$10 interesting rack

$5 metal upright

$15 John Deere AL31413 5378 part.  I think this is a Hydrostatic Steering In-Line Oil Filter ($37.85 new price).  Ours is new in box but you need to confirm what it is.

$10 Victor Gopher Traps NEW – 3 of them included

$25 for all ~5′ long white metal shelves, also have brackets for the wall and uprights for the wall.  Ask for more photos, I only have this one shelving unit shelf photo so far.


$100 for all wood shelving

$2 ea Water Nipples and pipe ready to go

$1.20 ea for Water Nipples 1/2″ thread (new price is $2.39 ea)

$2 Hose reel plastic

$15 NEW IBS Insect Bait Stations ($44.35 new price online)



$15/pickup truck bed load – fresh ground brush for mulch, you bring a shovel, you shovel.

$30/pickup truck bed load (can mound it but only as equivalent to a completely level load b/c otherwise it will be too heavy for the truck) – compost for organic food production

(new photo to come of the current pile – the one below is just to give you an idea of what to expect in color)

$150 anti-kink hangers, swivel pulleys, galvanized aircraft cable, wire rope clamps and a turnbuckle, ~50′-100′.

$6 ActiveAqua air pump w/air stone, 2 outlets ($12-18 new price)

$20 Whisper AP 300 ($40-60 new price)

10 for a $1.00 propagation trays and tray holders, used (~900 available)


$35/bag, 1 NEW 50lb bag Surround pest control, OMRI listed, a clay like sustance to spray on plants to keep pests off.

$10 per 5 lb bag Hydrated lime ($13.76 new price)


$100 Iron Chelate EDTA 13%, 55 lb ($189.67 new wholesale price)

$250 Iron chelate DTPA 11% ($333 new wholesale price)

$95 Sper Scientific pH meter and probe, ($241 new price)

$35/box, NEW box of Rockwool ($349.99 per 30 sheets)

$0.50/set, NEW aluminum pulin connectors (by the set), some of them have bolts, washers and nuts but not all of them.

$0.50/set purlin connector end piece (ask for these)

$3.50 for the package, 3″ Net pots, 25 per bag

$5.00 bag of 7/8″ white slotted mesh net pot for hydroponics

$25 double stacked nursery troughs.  We used them for shelves but they were originally created for lined propagation tables.

$55 ea insulated, lined propagation tables

$15 ea Redi-Heat plant propagation heat mats, 2 available.  I think these are 21″x10′. ($220 ea brand new). DURABLE CONSTRUCTION – Made from thick, rubberized and flexible PVC that’s also waterproof.  Plugged them into a standard outlet and they heat but not all over at the same temperature. Must be used with a thermostat and we don’t have one for sale.

Redi-Heat™ heavy-duty plant propagation mats supply heat to the bottom of flats and pots to help germination. Easy to install and economical. Mats include 5’L cord and plug for 120V AC.

$5.00/bag Dura Clamp 25/pkg. 3 bags of Medium dura-clamp pinch style air tubing clamp 1.5”x1”, bag of 25 NEW (new price $13/bag). Clamp, Tubing Accessory, Material of Construction Polypropylene, Color White, Features Easily Operated with One Hand., Manufacturers Warranty Length Replace Defective Parts, Package Quantity 25. Priced by the each.

2 for $1 Tomato Stakes – 200 available

$2 each tomato trellis trolley’s (new price $5.50 each) – we have 1 of these.

$10/box NEW Tomato Twine (new price is $35/box) – 3 boxes available

$5 for both Watering cans (new price $20)

$10 Water submergible pump (~$50 new price)

$100/bag, 1 NEW bag of 11% DTPA, Chelated Iron, 25KK ($333 is the wholesale price from our distributor)

$20/ea, custom metal templates to drill hole configurations on food grade styrofoam for the aquaponic system rafts.  34 holes on a 2’x4′, 55 holes on a 2’x2′, 15 holes on a 2’x4′

$20/roll, 1.5″ rigid air tube, this is the heavy walled black pipe around the top of the fish tank to which you insert the air tubing to feed the air stones.
$5.00 for both 5 gal buckets of Soil Inoculant


$50 for both

$_____ (call Ben Godfrey for a price, 979-220-7908)




$5 each Spring Gate latches

$4 per set used gate bolts (about 3 sets available)


$1.50 ea green step in posts

Electric Fencing Supplies

Fencing Supplies
1 Spinning Jenny ($150 new)


1Wire strainer tightener, Gallagher (new price $30).


28 Wraparound t-post claw insulators (new price $9.99 per set of 25). Priced by the each


3 Spring gate latches. Priced by the each. ($12.07 ea new)


? Wire Clamp tool ($12 new online)


26 Offset wire pinlock insulators 12”, green end long ridged wire to hold it off ($3.40 ea new). Priced by the each


6 t-posts


1 single groove wood post ceramic insulator (new price $7.99)


8 Gate hanger bolts ($8 ea new)

$4.00 per set

5 t-post caps (new price $6.70 ea). 3 yellow, 2 white. Priced by the all.


13 bottles wire clips (new price $5.99). Priced by the bottle.


12 Insulated strainer. Priced by the each.


13 yellow plastic donut insulators (new price $4.14 per set of 10). Priced by the each.


24 ea rectangular porcelain insulator, blunt end (new price $4.19 ea). Priced by the each.


7 wraparound t-post claw insulators w/pin
5 Pinlock insulators (new price $3.60 ea)


5 red pigtail step-in post $1.00 ea
2 Green step-in posts. $1.00 ea
7 self drilling insulators (new price $2.27 ea)

$1.00 ea

1 non-insulated strainer


6 Fiberglass posts (new price $1.29 ea). Priced by the each.


14 white plastic oval insulators (new price $9.90 per set of 10). Priced by the each.


49 ea Porcelain / ceramic donuts (new price $0.89 ea). 32 white / 17 gray. Priced by the each.


3 yellow small oval insulators. Priced by the each.


2 green and silver 3 hole gate latch for t-post


12 gate handles $1.50 ea


(the yellow gate latches in this photo have been sold


$1.00 ea – Electric fencing: 12″ steel Offsets, also knows as “standoffs or outriggers” (new price is $1.82 each)


By using < offsets (also known as “standoffs or outriggers”) to run electrified wires:

  • You can reduce stock pressure on existing conventional fences. This will extend the life of old fences and add years to new ones.
  • Old conventional fences can be rejuvenated by running an electrified wire both sides, either on the top of the posts to stop animals leaning over the fence or by attaching an offset to the fence at about two thirds of the height of the animal being controlled. This will stop animals rubbing against the fence.
  • When attaching offsets to an old existing fence, it is important to check that all wires are in good condition. Broken wires can come in contact with the electrified wires and cause shorts. Be sure to space outriggers no more than 16-22 yds apart. Position the offsets as close to the line posts as possible for rigidity.

Stafix has a large range of offsets which can be attached to either existing wires or can be hammered into wooden posts. We have many of the Wire Offsets available for sale.

WIRE OFFSET (we have these for sale at Sand Creek Farm)

These are attached by twisting them around fence wires. They come with either porcelain or pinlock insulators.


These are for driving into timber posts. They are available for fixing to the top or the side of the post and are driven directly into the post.


These can be driven into timber posts (drill a pilot hole first) and can also be used for most concrete posts. They are available in 12″ lengths and come with either a fixed nylon clip or with a moveable steel clip.


$5 Wire clamp, crimper ($12 new price)

$140 Premier charger Intellishock 284 ($269 new price). 3.5 max stored joules, 2.8 max output joules released, 2.6 soils joules, 1 dry soils joules, 5 built-in min. ground rods, 6 draw watts/hour.




$10 hand seed / fertilizer spreader



$2 ea End caps for fodder trays

$150 Steel wheeled cart


$2,800 Hydraulic weeder


$50 Hytrol steel skatewheel conveyor, 10′ x 16″ wide (center roller measurement)

$200 each Parts for Bed roller

$150 Transplanter – needs a tool bar (call Ben Godfrey and ask for a price and a price to make the tool bar, 979-220-7908).  We have a seat that mounts on the back.


$10 Step edger (new price ~$40)


$25 Rotary drum pump


$100 Troy Bilt Hiller/Furrower with adjustable wings for horse or pony model tiller, has a fresh coat of black paint

$50 for a 3 point harvest tray for tractor

$1.00 ea Landscaping block (2 available)

$5 Barrel, 55 gal, some closed top, some open top , some with holes to make into a swirl tank for aquaponics – (bulk head fittings sold for $15 each and not included iwth barrels – will be cut out)

$5.00 ea or $8 for both – Mouse Trap (new price $10 each)


$15 hitch

$5 each Heater

$15-35 Propane Canisters, the nicer they are, the more they cost – the more propane in them, the more they cost ($33-55 new price online)

I DON’T KNOW WHAT THESE ARE – make an offer

$0.50/lb for Iron Ore and Petrified Wood


$50 spinning jenny


Items I have photographed but not priced OR are still in use and will be posted with a price at a later time but will eventually be sold.


$1 fountain for pond – I don’t know how it works but it is new