Hunting / Men’s Clothing Items for Sale

$10 Canteen in a case with a hanging clip ($22 new price)

$20 each ProMag Saiga 12 gauge magazines 10-rounds ($32.95 new price on packages).

$15 Rifle or shot gun hard sided case – the girls may have cleaned this up by now but it was pretty dusty on the outside in the barn.

20 each Spotlights
$170 Lightforce Nighthunter pack ($339 new price)

$5 Camouflage cushion

$25 XL Hodgman Hunting Jacket ($60 new price online)

$10 ea Men’s Propper Tactical Pants LXXL

$10 each men’s full seat pants

$20 Men’s Neosport wet suite ($45 new price) – sorry for the 5’8″ female model, that was all we had on the day we were taking photos.  This suit fits up to a 6’4″ many about 200 lbs.

$10 KIDS Triton Swimtech floating swim fins, size 10-11 ($17-25 new price online)

$25 ADULTS, Men’s – Plana Avantiquattro aba Swim Fins, regular size ($60 new price online). Man that wore these wears a size 11.

$10 Canteen in a case with a clip ($22 new price)

$15 NEW Timber Creek Single propane burner stove ($20 new price)

$25 Polo Manual book

$20 Rabbit ear rear shooting rest bag leather ($40 new price)

$15 Wide owl ear front shooting rest bag leather ($31 new price)

$10 stand for shooting rest