Horse & Cow / Dairy Items for Sale


$30 Team Driving lines ($62 retail price)

I think these are add on pieces to make a 4 up hitch


$12 draft choke strap with a breast strap and snaps


$20 Cart Loops w/ back and belly band

$17 Cart Loops w/ belly band only

$2.00 Ring Spreader ($4.50 new)

$9 Pony holdbacks, 3/4″ ($18.23 retail price)

$10 Horse / $11 Draft holdbacks, 1″ ($20.91/$22.28 retail price)

$18 Draft – Horse shaft/cart loops and belly band for cart loops / $15 for Pony cart loops with belly or back band – $7.50 Just a belly band for pony cart loops / $9.00 for just a belly band for Draft/horse cart loops

$5 for 1 heavy leather cart loop / $4.50 ea Biothane cart loops

$5 Parade Pad (new price $11) – 6″ x 17″ pony size

$45 Haflinger driving bridle and

$20 English, Riding bridles, pony – biothane


$20 for full Western bridles and head stalls – $10 without bit

$2 each for Browbands and/0r cheek pieces.  All sizes … horse, pony, mini.


$5 Lungeing cavesson noseband, extra thick

$10 full tote of lead lines w/out clips, ropes, leather pieces.

$338.50 Miniature Horse Harness with collar and collar pad.  You are also welcome to a set of single lines if we have any left in the tack room. (New price is $456.98)

$383.50 Pony sized Harness with collar and collar pad. You are welcome to a set of single lines if we have any left in the tack room.

$408.50 Cob sized Harness to include collar and collar pad.  You are also welcome to a set of single line if we have any left in the tack room.

$15 ea Collar Pads, 5 collar pads, 4 that are 14″, 2 that are 20″

$50-90 ea – 3 collars, 13″, 15″, 17″

$3 each heavy cast iron Harness Hooks

$5 Bridle or Halter Hooks

$6 Mini Hoof Rasp (new price is $13.49) – The Mini Hoof Rasp is a hand-held mini rasp that allows riders to keep hooves smooth and even between trimmings. Some people use for goats.

$15 Saboten Hoof Trimmer: These lightweight and compact shears are ideal for easy hoof trimming. Overall length of 7.5″ (new price $32)

$1 Folding Hoof Pick (new price $2) – we have 2 of these.

26″ red wooden double tree and 27″ neck yoke for pony (in tack room)
$20 – 30″ natural wooden single tree draft (in tack room) (new price is $40.75)

$850 Riano Siller Portuguese saddle, bridle, bit, rabbit fleece, crupper, breast collar
NOTE: To correctly determine the seat size of ANY English saddlemeasure from the screw (aka brad or nailhead) on either SIDE of the pommel (front) DIAGONALLY to the CENTER of the cantle (back edge of seat) using a straight-edge (ruler or yardstick), or holding a tape measure TAUT: NOT following the seat’s contours.$500 Crosby 16.5″ medium tree English saddle

$500 Crosby 16.5″ wide tree English Saddle, custom extra long side pannels
NOT for sale until the saddles sell …. $25 Saddle Cover – for sale with or after English saddles are sold
NOT for sale until the Saddles sell … $10 ea English saddle pads, dressage and jumping – also have the fuzzy kind, just not a photo at this time.
$25 extra thick black English saddle pad
$5 English fleece pad
English girths: $14 string, $5 nylon girth, $10 dressage girth
$10 ea Decorative Western bits
$10 per set English Stirrup irons
$5 Stirrup leathers, several sets to choose from and now all clean with cleaner and conditioner.
$10 Ring side reins with elastic ($23 new price)
$5 Anti-grazing muzzle

$10 Pony girths, Tough brand NEW 24″ (2 to choose from)
$5.50 Western string pony girth (new price $11)
$10-15 ea – 3 western bridle headstalls without bits
$20 Almost NEW Western Headstall
$5 each nose bands
$20 for hackamores
$10 each
HOBBLE (8-10 pairs available)
$10 Nylon Morgan Hobbles ($20 new price)
$20 Thick Leather Hobbles ($40 new price) – several pairs to choose from
$5 extra hobble cuffs
$20 – 3 Legged Hobbles ($41 new price) – 3 pairs avaiable
$16 Rope Hobbles ($36 new price) – bright white now that they have been washed :)>
$55 ea 2 Trail Max Panniers (new price $89.95 ea)
$25 Brown Saddle bags

$4.50 Twitch with chain ($9 new price)

$7 Twitch humane model ($17.59 new price)

$10 Saddle Rack (new price $19.95)

$3 ea Halter / $1 purple foal halter – all halters have now had a good scrubbing in the clothes washer and are clean and ready to go.


$15 each Davis Horse boot

$5 each – rubber buckets and plastic buckets ~3-5 gallons (new price $10.64-10.99)

$5 for the large blue bucket / $3 for small black bucket / $3 green bucket


$20 Large rubber feeder

$1 ea floats for troughs

$150 each solid wood feeders, bring strong help to move – Amish made and heavy (these cost ~$450 each new)


$5 for all horse shoes and borium



$9.00 Kant-Kick Cow Hobbles ($17.50-20.55 new price)


$1500 Complete Bucket Milker for cows from Parts. Dept. Full bucket milking system, 2 in-line filters, a new box of filters, and a portable 1.5 Hp vacuum pump specific to a quality animal milking system.  All extra applicable hoses and fittings on hand will be included.
Standard pail with clear Transflow hose and standard rubber inflations. NEW price is $425
• made from heavy gauge 304 stainless steel, not flimsy, low quality Indian stainless like others use.
• has a single formed pail which means it’s made from 1 piece of stainless so there are no welds to break or leak.
• has a reinforced bottom so it will never wear out.
• has a thick, full edge reinforced mouth not a rolled edge like others.
• has a better than grade A polish inside and out.

This complete 65Lb (7.5 Gallon) bucket milker is ready to milk, just connect to your vacuum source.

1 x 62685 65 lb. Bucket
1 x 62688 Bucket Lid
1 x 62701 Lid Adapter
1 x 62725 Pulsator
4 x 63098 DL 06 Shells
1 x 64662 01A Inflations
4 x 64702 Air Tubes
1 x 62012 Westfalia 300 Claw
5′ x 64747 5/8″ Milk Hose
5′ x 64798 1/4″ Twin Vac. Hose
10′ x 64797 1/2′ Vac Hose

This complete bucket milking system comes with a portable vacuum pump.

MOBILE MILKER VACUUM PUMP, New price $1295.00:

BEFORE BUYING A MOBILE MILKER it is important to understand what you are buying, “mobile milkers” that are insufficient, having non-standard piston, diaphragm, worn out rotary pumps, or pumps designed for use in air conditioning service are not for milking animals. These pumps are often chronically under capacitated causing vacuum fluctuation and damage to the animal. The money saved on buying “cheap” mobile milkers is more than offset by the harm it does to the animals through poor milking. Every component on Parts Dept’s Mobile Milkers are as good as the pipeline milking components they also supply: appropriately sized rotary vane vacuum pumps with reserve tanks controlled by adjustable regulators and vacuum gauges. No compromise is ever made for portability.

STABLE VACUUM BUILT IN. This USA made full size, standard vacuum pumps produce ample, consistent vacuum for the mobile milker. This 1.5 HP #3 Conde pump produces 12 CFM. This milker vacuum is stabilized with a separate large capacity reserve tank: a component found in any pipeline system, but rarely on a mobile milker. This milker has a self correcting, adjustable vacuum regulator that will immediately and effectively counteract vacuum fluctuations cause by milking multiple animals at the same time. Accurate glycerine dial vacuum gauges are used to keep check on the entire system while the milkers are running.

MOBILITY. Designed with total portability in mind this 1.5 HP standard milker is easily transported around the farm or to shows. With a compact width of only 24″ the milker is able to fit through any standard doorway and the balanced design of the mobile milker gives it a low center of gravity lending a light handling touch to the unit making it easy to maneuver the milker with only one hand. With oversized wheels and pneumatic tires, the milker easily traverses rough terrain or travel smoothly over level walkways. This milker has as standard, features that other pump suppliers don’t even offer as options offer such as liquid filled gauges, a silencer to keep things quite and oil catching mufflers to keep your work area clean and mess free.

In-line filters $49.95 each x 2
In-line filter socks $9.45/box

stock photos above – actual photos below


$15 used price, SS FRESH COW LID WITH GASKET ($29 new price)

$15 used price LEXAN FRESH COW LID W/GASKET ($28 new price)

$25 ea these are new Delaval fresh cow milking bucket lids

$35 Never used Delaval “blank” cow milking bucket lid

$45 Large milk strainer with paper filters

$20 NEW barel pump ($40 new price)

$50 Stainless plates (we used these ) for cheese weights and equalizing pressure on the tops of two cheese moulds).

$143 Royce Rolls model #15C Stainless Steel 7 1/2 gallon Non-tapered Double Tank.  Priced for the set of 2 (new price is $286 for the set)

Pipe clamp 1 1/2″


$250 for entire box: Misc Dairy Parts, fraction of new cost


Extra cow milker supplies:  

Many clamps like this, price to come.

$6 NEW teat dip cup in bag (new price $12)

$4 ea used teat dip cups (no photo yet)
actual item stock photo

$6/gal teat dip (new price $12/gal). Vit E and Lanolin for a nice soft touch.

$6 for all washable teat cloths left on the farm

$2 ea Dextrose NEW (new price $4.30 ea)

$40 ea 2 Stainless paper towel holders (new price $89 ea)

stock photo

$5 Palpation sleeves ($13.11 new price)

$100 Organic Iodine 40 NEW (new price $198)

$9 ea Propylene Glycol NEW (new price $18.69/gal)


$50 Ecolab Equipment Sanitizer (new price $100-200)

$10 Cydectin Pour on Cattle wormer gun (new price $23.99)

$50 Digital Temperature Control for a commercial refrigerator ($100 new)

$60 Cow can’t kick (new type model)

$55 Udder singe

$150 Cow Milking Stanchions

$150 all for the wooden shelving that used to be used to age our cheese wheels (all shelving and wall brackets included – you disassemble / you haul)

$40 ea NEW Endosorb bolus (50 ct/jar), anti-diarrheal demulcent for cows ($58 ea if you buy them at the store)

$10 ea, fresh milk quarter buckets ($60 new)   

$7 ea California Mastitis Test concentrate Only. The California mastitis test (CMT) is a simple cow-side indicator of the somatic cell count of milk. It operates by disrupting the cell membrane of any cells present in the milk sample, allowing the DNA in those cells to react with the test reagent, forming a gel.

stock photo


$2 ea for the Paddle only

The complete test kit looks like this.

stock photo


$5 NEW Ideal Udder Balm ($8 new price online)

$25 Fly Zapper system (this first photo is of the new model, ours is yellowed with age – and the price reflects this discoloration)


stock photo
actual item

$5 ea misc NEW dairy cow nutrient tubes

$45/set Fly strip tape set ($87 new)
$20 / set Fly strip tape set – used