Books for Sale

$14 Danny Orlis books, entire set

$0.50 each


$4 Nancy Drew hardback … The bungalow Mystery, 2 copies to choose from 1960 and 1988


$4 Nancy Drew hardback … the Secret of Red Gate Farm, 1961

$18 Horse Packing in Pictures, Everything the camper, hunter, fisherman and vacationer should know about packing a horse by Francis W. Davis

$12 Horse Camping by George Hatley

$16 Farm Fresh Direct Marketing Meats & Milk by Allan Nation

$5 Treading Lightly with pack animals, A guide to Low-Impact Travel in the Backcountry by Dan Aadland

$11 Cold Comfort Farm

$10 ea. McCormick Long Vertical Corn Binder Owner’s Manual and McCormick-Deering Grain Binder

$6 Chemistry Precision and Design Laboratory Manual, Abeka

$8 Frontrunner: First of Four winning Events ($6 for Teacher’s Manual)

$8 Pacesetter Third of Four Winning Events ($6 for Teacher’s Manual)

$8 Airborne: Fourth of Four Winning Events ($6 for Teacher’s Manual)

$25 Rod and Staff Math teachers books and workbook pages to be copied from the teacher’s 3 ring binder.  I no longer have all of the flash cards so they are not part of the offering.

$9 The diagnostic Prescriptive Assessment: Mastery and Remediation of 3rd Grade Skills

$10 Math-U-See Primer.  Teachers manual and DVD.

$5 Professor Beery’s Saddle-Horse Instructions, 5 booklets

$5 for a set of wooden block math manipulatives


$5 Rogue Angel Celtic Fire by Alex Archer

$25 Area 7 by Matthew Reilly CD

$4 Genesis CD



$4 Tapadero Vaquero One. The Californios DVD

$17 The Six Days of Creation DVD

$100  Attaining Optimal health in the 21st Centry (with GMO & Aspartame documentary) DVD

$5 Where the Wild Things are DVD