Books / DVD’s / VHS’s / Toys for Sale

$7.00 The Gospel of Matthew, Thy Kingdom Come
47.00 The Book of Genesis, In the Beginning
$1.00 Jacob Have I Loved by Katherine Paterson
Jacob Have I Loved
$1.00 for both books – Starlight Animal Rescue and The Phantom Roan
$1.00 The Sweet Far Thing (Gemma Doyle, Book #3 – hardback) by Libba Bray
$0.50 Danny Orlis
$1.00 Trouble the Water (hardback) by Nicole Seitz
$4.00 R. Friend Series – Down on Friendly Acres (4 books)

$3 each – Hardy Boy hardback books


$0.50 each


$5 Horse Camping by George Hatley

$5 Treading Lightly with pack animals, A guide to Low-Impact Travel in the Backcountry by Dan Aadland

$2.00 McCormick Long Vertical Corn Binder Owner’s Manual and McCormick-Deering Grain Binder

$5 Chemistry Precision and Design Laboratory Manual, Abeka

$25 Rod and Staff Math teachers books and workbook pages to be copied from the teacher’s 3 ring binder.  I no longer have all of the flash cards so they are not part of the offering.

$5 for a set of wooden block math manipulatives



$5 Rogue Angel Celtic Fire by Alex Archer

$25 Area 7 by Matthew Reilly CD

$4 Genesis CD

$1.00 decorative cow bell

$1.00 The Horse with the Flying mane by Arensa Sondergaard
$4.00 Trails of Adventure (hardcover)
$2.00 I like Myself! by Karen Beaumont
$0.99 The Story of Doctor Dolittle by Hugh Lofting, fully illustrated and adapted.
$0.99 Dork Diaries 4: Tales from a Not-So-Graceful Ice Princess (hardcover)
$5.00 Tatty Ratty by Helen Cooper
$1.00 Fleeced by Dick Morris & Eileen McGann
$7.00 Field Guide to the Broad-Leaved Herbaceious Plants of South Texas
$20.00 Toxic Plants of Texas: Integrated Management Strategies to Prevent Livestock Losses
$3.00 Neil Sperry’s Gardening GreenBook
$4.00 Basics in Beekeeping
$4.00 Friends for Every Day reader (hardcover) by Baker and Reed
$10.00 The Aldine Readers – A second Reader by Spaulding (hardcover)
$5.00 Curriculum Advice from Victoria Botkin
$2.00 Jump Start Reading for Kindergartners
$2.00 each Frontrunner – First of four WINNING events – handwriting and LA books
$2.00 each Breakaway – Second of four WINNING events – handwriting and LA books
$2.00 each Pacesetter – Third of four WINNING events – handwriting and LA books
$2.00 each Airborne – Fourth of four WINNING events – handwriting and LA books
$1.00 Enchanted Isles – A Beka Book Reading Program (short stories to encourage reading)
Understanding God’s World Teacher Key, Test and Quiz Booklet – A Beka Book Science Series Grade 4
Units in Woodworking (Hardcover) by J.H. Douglass, R.H. Roberts, Forest L. Penny, and Douglas L. Polette
$1.00 DVD Where the Wild Things are, There’s On in All of Us