Aquaponic / Hydroponic Items for Sale

$6 ActiveAqua air pump w/air stone, 2 outlets ($12-18 new price)

$20 Whisper AP 300 ($40-60 new price)

$10 per 5 lb bag Hydrated lime ($13.76 new price)

$100 Iron Chelate EDTA 13%, 55 lb ($189.67 new wholesale price)

$250 Iron chelate DTPA 11% ($333 new wholesale price)

$95 Sper Scientific pH meter and probe, ($241 new price)

Benchtop level analysis in the field

Advanced pH Meter — 850055
Reads either pH (in 0.01 resolution) or mV in large digits, with time, date, and temperature (in °C or °F) shown simultaneously on the lower display. Also indicates stable reading, low battery and displays calibration data. Scroll 99 data points with time stamps and min/max readings directly on the backlit LCD. Features hold, up to 5 point calibration, N.I.S.T. buffer recognition, manual or automatic temperature compensation, and a USB port. In order to connect this model to a computer to stream data, you will need the USB Cable 840054 and Data Acquisition Software 840052. Comes with 4 AAA batteries. Will accept any pH or ORP probe with a BNC connector. PROBE is INCLUDED but I don’t know if it works or not.

Advanced pH Meter Kit — 850056
Advanced pH Meter Kit includes: Advanced pH Meter 850055 in a hard carrying case complete with a detachable temperature compensated pH probe with 3½-ft cable, pH buffers 4, 7, 10 and distilled water.

Meter Dimensions: 7″ × 2¾” × 1¼” (178 × 70 × 32 mm)
Meter Weight: 6.5 oz (184 g)
Kit Dimensions: 14″ × 9″ × 2¾” (356 × 229 × 70 mm) Specifications

Unit of Measure:Range:Resolution:Accuracy:
pH:0 to 140.01±0.02 pH
mV:-499 to 499±0.1 mV (-199.9 to 199.9 mV)
otherwise ±1 mV
±0.2 mV (-199.9 to 199.9 mV)
otherwise ±2 mV
ORP:-199.9 to 199.9
Temperature ºF:23 to 176ºF0.1°± 2ºF
Temperature ºC:-5 to 80ºC±1ºC

$3.50 for the package, 3″ Net pots, 25 per bag

$5.00 bag of 7/8″ white slotted mesh net pot for hydroponics

$10 Water submergible pump (~$50 new price)

$100/bag, 1 NEW bag of 11% DTPA, Chelated Iron, 25KK ($333 is the wholesale price from our distributor)

$20/ea, custom metal templates to drill hole configurations on food grade styrofoam for the aquaponic system rafts.  34 holes on a 2’x4′, 55 holes on a 2’x2′, 15 holes on a 2’x4′

$1 fountain for pond – I don’t know how it works but it is new

$25 double stacked nursery troughs.  We used them for shelves but they were originally created for lined propagation tables.

$55 ea insulated, lined propagation tables

$15 ea Redi-Heat plant propagation heat mats, 2 available.  I think these are 21″x10′. ($220 ea brand new). DURABLE CONSTRUCTION – Made from thick, rubberized and flexible PVC that’s also waterproof.  Plugged them into a standard outlet and they heat but not all over at the same temperature. Must be used with a thermostat and we don’t have one for sale.

Redi-Heat™ heavy-duty plant propagation mats supply heat to the bottom of flats and pots to help germination. Easy to install and economical. Mats include 5’L cord and plug for 120V AC.

$5.00/bag Dura Clamp 25/pkg. 3 bags of Medium dura-clamp pinch style air tubing clamp 1.5”x1”, bag of 25 NEW (new price $13/bag). Clamp, Tubing Accessory, Material of Construction Polypropylene, Color White, Features Easily Operated with One Hand., Manufacturers Warranty Length Replace Defective Parts, Package Quantity 25. Priced by the each.

$50 each – 3 1/2″ x 50′ Stainless Steel chiller / heat exchange coil (new price $120) 2 available