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 Contact Ben Godfrey for private tours and farm/aquaponic consultation.

Sustainable Farm Supply is our complimentary company to Sand Creek Farm.  We offer Sustainable Farm Supplies that we believe to be the best tool for the job along with construction and operations manuals that we highly recommend for a profitable Aquaponic Facility. We own and operate, Sand Creek Farm in Cameron, TX, www.sandcreekfarm.net, and have 3 of the largest profitable Commercial Aquaponic Facilities in the state.  We have been operational and selling food from our Aquaponics since Oct. 2012.  We can teach / train / mentor you in a successful Aquaponic venture from construction to production.  We design excellent greenhouses / hoop houses of any length. We can also help you navigate the NRCS 100% grant program for greenhouses. Contact Sustainable Farm Supply with questions, sales@sustainablefarmsupply.com; speak with owner Ben Godfrey.

(Aquaponics at Sand Creek Farm)



$Per hour/per person


For selecting multiple days, choose "continue shopping" when directed to paypal.

Commercial Aquaponics Training!

  • Texas aquaponics training courses are private training sessions for the individual or group.  The course will be taught by Ben Godfrey and hosted at Sand Creek Farm in Cameron, Texas.

    Print directions to the farm from the contact page on this website. GPS sometimes will not find our physical address of 1552 CR 267, Cameron, TX 76520 as this area of Texas used to have another name with it's own Post Office.  Be sure your map has you on the corner of CR 267 and CR 270.  Some maps will find our area by using the name "Jones Prairie, TX".

Commercial Aquaponics Technology

  • Commercial Aquaponics, the details are easily modified for a home or small system

  • Profitability of a Diverse Farm that incorporates Aquaponic technology

  • Marketing your Product to include the CSA model

    • How to build and operate a Commercial Aquaponics facility
    • How to perform water quality testing, determine nutrients in aquaponics systems
    • How to sell to wholesalers, brokers, distributors, farmer’s markets, retail stores, restaurants and hotels, and how to build awareness of you and your products through farm tours
    • Which regulations may affect your aquaponics, permits required for operation, National Resource Conservation Service (NRCS) grants, State Health Department requirements for processing vegetables, business information and help available for the aquaponics operator, general business advice
    • How to find and use State Extension Agents as a resource, how to apply for loans and grants, how to set up your own website
    • How to build and operate energy-efficient greenhouse
    • GAP Certification
    • Organic Certification

    1) SAND CREEK FARM - email to ask if any of the privately owned "mother-in-law" houses on the farm are available during the time you will be on the farm.

    2) Calvert, TX
    INGRAHAM CASTLE, Calvert, TX - about 10 miles way, www.ingrahamcastle.com 
    $99.00[ plus the HOT tax without breakfast; Owners Dennis and Rabecca have made a discounted rate available for the Aquaponic Course at Sand Creek Farm. -There are 6 rooms available.  All rooms are double occupancy but will not include breakfast since you will be at the farm early in the morning each day.  If you would like to come later in the morning you can discuss the rate with breakfast with the inn owners and let Ben Godfrey know you would like a later training time.

    Please contact 
    Dennis and Rabecca directly for reservations at Ingraham Castle, 979-364-2201

    3) Hearne, TX
    Holiday Inn Express & Suite, 979-279-6000 http://www.ihg.com/holidayinnexpress/hotels/us/en/hearne/hoteldetail

    4) Cameron, TX
    Budget Host Inn & Suites, 254-605-0610 or www.budgethostcameron.com

~Sand Creek Farm Greenhouse with a coating of snow in Feb - happy plants, inexpensive and simple greenhouse with on-demand propane heated aquaponic water to keep the plants warm in the winter~GodfreyGH2-625px


All training will be tailored for your particular goals. We will discuss and offer solutions and approaches for your climate, your site, your market, and your level of business experience. We support our clients via email to answer questions through construction and into operation at no additional charge.



View the Shop Sustainable Farm Supply store tab at the top of the web page for more information about sustainable farm supplies such as floating rafts, net pots, coco coir, vermiculite, tilapia food, greenhouse needs, field farming needs, and more.  Send an email to Sustainable Farm Supply if you need something you don't see.

Please contact the farm from the contact page or call Ben Godfrey directly for details, 979-220-7908.  

If you have a list of items, email is best so that prices can be gathered prior to a telephone conversation.  
Please include your email and telephone number with any kind of correspondence so that we may better serve your farming needs.

Watch the Health Ranger's youtube on Sand Creek Farm - short and informative

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