Our story so far.

Sand Creek Farm is a certified Organic and GAP certified vegetable production farm utilizing new technology combined with old wisdom to produce a profitable farming operation.

Email us if you are an individual that would like to buy in bulk direct and we will happily let you know what we have available. Harvest is typically on Mon/Tues and minimum quantities will be ~25 lbs of an individual item.


Farmer: Ben Godfrey

Wife: Alysha

Children: Abigale, Emily, Rebecca, Grace and Lillian

We provide healthy food to the growing local food demand.

Depending on your character, we may offer an exclusive opportunity to train and mentor.  We have room for up to 8 individuals to rent a spot on the farm to try out their hand at farming with supervision.

Ben Godfrey offers private consultation for profitable sustainable farming and aquaponic facilities with custom recommendations in labor, mechanization, location, product, budget, work flow, design and more. Help with utilizing the USDA new farmer loans and the NRCS equip programs can also be incorporated into these consultations if you want or need a loan or grant.

Sand Creek Farm was the 1st raw Cow Milk dairy in the history of Texas, beginning with our license in 2004. We closed our dairy to public production in Aug. of 2016 and no longer offer raw milk for sale. However, we are happy to share with you the pros/cons of a raw milk dairy, and the profitable way to run a raw milk dairy if it is a jouney on which you are led to embark. Or, if you belive that having your own home milk cow is the direction you would like to go, we will also happily teach you to have success in this venture as well. We still retain milk cows on the farm for our family and provide a few healthy cows for sale each year, see the Cows for Sale page. We continue to annually test each cow in our small herd for BLV, Johnes, TB, and Brucellosis.

NOW AVAILABLE: RAW MILK DAIRY TRAINING COURSE – $500, printed materials and certificate included. Private or group course available.

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