Hello world! Sand Creek Farm is for Sale

Hello All!

Sand Creek Farm is for sale.  What a wonderful 12 years of adventure our family has had on this beautiful farm.  It is time for us to pass the torch.  If you are interested in owning a beautiful slice of Texas, please contact us about buying Sand Creek Farm.  Keep it going as it, build it back up to major production, or change it’s use completely.  There is more information about the farm at www.listing.sandcreekfarm.net or call Ben Godfrey directly, 979-220-7908.  Currently a wholesale buyer buys all of the herb we produce in aquaponics, they pick up on the farm and pay a fair price for the herb; we rent the cottages on airbnb.com but the feelers we put out for full time rental for the cottages was very promising and would be a great return on investment (we did not want to engage a full time renter while in the process of selling). Sand Creek Farm is amazing in that it sits on top of an aquifer with water 40-80′ down – all water rights transfer with the sale of the property and it is centrally located to all 3 major cities in Texas for sales of agricultural products.  You may buy the farm as a whole or in any of 1-4 pieces depending on if a portion has already been sold or not.  There are a total of 169.94 acres, wrapped by a neighbor of 2,500 acres and another neighbor of 930 acres.  It is very peaceful, quiet and perfect for many uses.  Your imagination is the only limitation!

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